Hello Moto DEFY! How dey body?

So I did it. I bought this Motorola DEFY mobile phone today. It’s my first Android device and I am still to find out if I can get along with its operating system, the available apps and the user interface. I’ve picked this model (and not the HTC Desire / HTC Desire HD / Samsung … Continue reading “Hello Moto DEFY! How dey body?”

Nokia 2700 Classic

It’s about time for another blog post, and since I do seem to have a slight affection for mobile phones, I thought about blogging on my latest acquisition: a Nokia 2700 Classic mobile phone I managed to buy in mint condition as a used device from eBay for a very small amount. I’ve used quite … Continue reading “Nokia 2700 Classic”

Saanko käyttää teidän puhelinta?

That’s it. I am going to sell my 6 month old Nokia E72 QWERTZ phone. Yes, it’s just a phone and “why should I read the following rant on Nokia”, you may be wondering. Here is why: 1. Flexibility I mentioned it earlier that I had bought a 2G iPhone some month ago, with a … Continue reading “Saanko käyttää teidän puhelinta?”

En attendant Android

I’ve been meaning to post this on my blog, even prepared a post in German, but then realized that 50% of the post is a rant on Nokia and decided to rewrite/repost it in English. So, the following is a list of iPhone Apps which are running on my iPhone 2G (reassembled from scrap), and … Continue reading “En attendant Android”

I really have to stop blogging about phones…

I know the following is a rather unorthodox comparison between a business and an entertainment device, BUT! – as much I condemn Apple’s business policies, walled gardens and hardware restrictions – I am more productive with a 1G iPod Touch from 2007 than with my new Nokia E72 from late 2009. Having said that, this … Continue reading “I really have to stop blogging about phones…”

OtterBox Commuter, ftw!

I know I’ve already mentioned this on my Posterous blog earlier today, but the truth is: I’ve never been so excited about a gadget/ an accessory since maybe when I unpacked my Leatherman Wave some years ago. I was looking for a decent cover for my Nokia E72 as the leather pouch it comes shipped … Continue reading “OtterBox Commuter, ftw!”