HP 840 G1 vs. Dell E7440 vs. Dell E5450

A visual comparison between three 14″ business laptops that may be of interest to some of you. My Dell Latitude E5450, my Dell Latitude E7440 and an HP Elitebook 840 G1. These are the sort of laptops that are about two to three years old and are sold as used items on eBay. I received … Continue reading “HP 840 G1 vs. Dell E7440 vs. Dell E5450”

Five reasons why the Motorola Defy sucks (not really)

Yes, I know – five blog posts about a phone within two weeks may be too much for most readers, but some people have asked me how I like my new mobile phone – the Motorola DEFY – so I went on and compiled a review on it. In German, for Amazon.de. Don’t speak German? … Continue reading “Five reasons why the Motorola Defy sucks (not really)”

Hello Moto DEFY! How dey body?

So I did it. I bought this Motorola DEFY mobile phone today. It’s my first Android device and I am still to find out if I can get along with its operating system, the available apps and the user interface. I’ve picked this model (and not the HTC Desire / HTC Desire HD / Samsung … Continue reading “Hello Moto DEFY! How dey body?”

Nokia 2700 Classic

It’s about time for another blog post, and since I do seem to have a slight affection for mobile phones, I thought about blogging on my latest acquisition: a Nokia 2700 Classic mobile phone I managed to buy in mint condition as a used device from eBay for a very small amount. I’ve used quite … Continue reading “Nokia 2700 Classic”

Saanko käyttää teidän puhelinta?

That’s it. I am going to sell my 6 month old Nokia E72 QWERTZ phone. Yes, it’s just a phone and “why should I read the following rant on Nokia”, you may be wondering. Here is why: 1. Flexibility I mentioned it earlier that I had bought a 2G iPhone some month ago, with a … Continue reading “Saanko käyttää teidän puhelinta?”