Con­si­de­ring that I’ve only recent­ly got­ten into the iPho­ne hype and even­tual­ly accep­ted* it being the bet­ter device for my online needs, I am sur­pri­sed to rea­li­ze how much this set­up actual­ly hel­ps me being much more pro­duc­ti­ve in my dai­ly tasks.

I spend a gre­at deal of the day in front of a com­pu­ter — and when I am not in front of my com­pu­ter, I usual­ly have a mobi­le pho­ne in my hands. The com­bi­na­ti­on and seem­less syn­cing bet­ween both devices is what I appre­cia­te the most, for it enab­les me to con­ti­nue working on any con­nec­ted device.

This auto­ma­tic syn­cing is, to my under­stan­ding, the basis for the suc­cess of any smart pho­ne or other mobi­le device today.

I never real­ly appre­cia­ted this basic func­tio­n­a­li­ty such as Gmail syn­cing of con­ta­cts, calen­dar ent­ries and e‑mails until I was told to do so by my friend Mzeeced­ric who also dedi­ca­ted a blog post to this sub­ject (in Ger­man). Com­ing from a Nokia device, I was used to syn­cing e‑mails only and syn­ced my con­ta­cts via MS Out­look and various online ser­vices (as men­tio­ned ear­lier). Calen­dars.… well, I never real­ly cared about that part as much for it got syn­ced via Out­look. Such a Gmail sync is also pos­si­ble on S60 Nokia pho­nes btw, so this basic func­tio­n­a­li­ty isn’t an iPho­ne-only feature.

I never real­ly cared about that calen­dar syn­cing becau­se I am old-school. I main­tain an off­line, paper calen­dar (this one) which obvious­ly does­n’t sync with anything. On top of that, I am also the “let me wri­te that down on a pie­ce of paper with my foun­tain pen”-guy, so you can ima­gi­ne my desk being cove­r­ed with post-it notes and other litt­le “to-do” lists.

In fact, I am cur­r­ent­ly sear­ching for a (good) TO-DO iPho­ne app that pro­vi­des an over-the-air syn­cing via the web.

IMG 0083

I got this Ger­man app cal­led “ShopShop/Einkaufsliste” which does exact­ly what it’s sup­po­sed to do (pro­vi­ding a simp­le shop­ping list, see screen­shot); I jail­bro­ke my pho­ne to dis­play calen­dar events on the lock screen using “Lock Calen­dar” (which works bet­ter for me than “Intel­liS­creen”), and I also bought the pro ver­si­on of “Read It Later” which btw also beau­ti­ful­ly inte­gra­tes into Tweetie and other apps. I also have accounts for Insta­pa­per and Evernote.

Is Ever­no­te the solu­ti­on to what I am loo­king for? Would it also dis­play a to-do list on the lock­screen of my iPho­ne (or any other pho­ne)? Or should I rather look for a brow­ser plugin that enab­les me to quick­ly edit gmail calen­dar ent­ries / notes (which would then also appe­ar on the lock­screen)? You know I step­ped away from my off­line calen­dar and star­ted using the Gmail solu­ti­on ins­tead becau­se it see­med to be the smar­test way for a quick sync bet­ween a web ser­vice and the pho­ne — and then also dis­play on the lockscreen.

I am sure I am not the first per­son asking for such a ser­vice, but the­re are about a mil­li­on pages about “kewl iPho­ne apps” out the­re, so I got lost, somehow. Any gui­d­ance on this is very much appre­cia­ted. Thank you!


* The sto­ry goes that I got so pis­sed off about Noki­a’s Ovi store that I bought an old & bro­ken iPho­ne 2G which obvious­ly isn’t top-notch, but still does more for me than both my Nokia pho­nes N95/E72 could ever do for me in terms of pro­duc­ti­vi­ty. And yes, this may just be due to the awe­so­me touch­screen on the iPho­ne; and yes, the Goog­le Nexus One may be the best pho­ne for me once it even­tual­ly arri­ves on the domestic mar­ket. It still sur­pri­ses me though that a 3yr old pho­ne boosts my pro­duc­ti­vi­ty — more than a new pho­ne by the “com­pe­ti­tor” Nokia. And this alt­hough my E72 is sup­po­sed to be a busi­ness pho­ne and most of my tasks on the pho­ne are very much “business”-alike.

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