Best of Kiambogo Tapes

I recent­ly shared this won­der­ful link to an Inst­ruc­ta­ble hack via Face­book, aptly tit­led “Cas­set­te Tape Busi­ness Card Hol­der” — which promp­ted ano­t­her Ger­­man-Ken­y­an friend of mine to share her beloved Kama­ru (.KE), Flo­rence Wanga­ri (.KE) and Ami­ty Meria (.BF) … Read more →

Bhoom Bhoom Africa

Long time rea­ders of this blog may know that I have always been won­de­ring why we’­ve seen bands like “Mata­ta” (with the then awe­so­me Stee­le Beauttah) com­ing to suc­cess in East Afri­ca during the 1970s — clo­se­ly fol­lo­wed by a … Read more →

St.Louis Spéciale

“Docu­men­ta­ry about Orches­tra Bao­bab that was made for their come­back album, 2002’s “Spe­cia­list in all styles”. It docu­ments Bao­ba­b’s sto­ry, music and band mem­bers.” L’Or­ches­t­re Bao­bab may not be my favou­rite band, but the­se docu­men­ta­ries are just fine. Abdou­laye, Mischel … Read more →