the FF3 map

There are those maps out there which are based on statistical data – assumed, accumulated and unproven figures that may indicate a certain trend and/or just show what the situation has been when the data was collected.

When we look at today’s map of Firefox 3 downloads worldwide in just 24 hours (for a world record):


…I really wonder what ppl will say about this in future, and also how many organizations will take THIS as a basis for their future planing on the availability of internet access, the spread of alternative internet browsers (such as the Firefox 3 suite) and what kind of internet-saturation (?) it takes to actively participate in such a call for a world record (read: the request to download FF3 on this particular day was imho promoted through the blogosphere? If so, it could be a nice indicator for the blogosphere).

However – 8,9 million downloads in just one day are just impressive!

1,51 kilometres


1,5km is what I walked to the office every morning while in Embu. About 1,5 km from my room in downtown Embu to the WRMA office behind the law courts.

I just measured that via Google Earth. Eh! :-)

Ok, sijui if they have already been around for some time, but I’ve just started Google Earth again and discovered some new, HighRes maps from 2007 on various locations in Kenya. Now….this is just cool. Really.

(Yeah, we’ve been using GE to spot swimming pools in the past but mind you: blue spots on the map aren’t pools but corrugated sheets as used in rural areas.)

“wapi?” (part 8)


Kenya Tourists (KTs) will clearly identify this screenshot from GoogleEarth as Karura Forrest & CID HQ (blue roofs) next to Kiambu Road.
Kenya Residents (KRs, or Kenyan Roots as M puts it) will use this to remember what Karura Forrest looked like before it was castrated / sacrified for technological progress aka urbanization.

(technorati-should-be-keywords: how to we explain this to our children)