“He who speaks by proverbs, knows (loves!) the language”


Angîmîtuîria na ûmîrîte ndangîmîona rikiî.
He who seeks his goat with the man who ate it, is certain not to find it.

Gakunywo kagîra thooko
The fool takes many people with him.

Kîrimû gîa gwîkîgia kîrûgîte kîa mûciarîre
He who feigns to be stupid is more stupid than the stupidborn.

Kûrita nî kûru
It is bad to be a fool.

Mbugi ndîkîrîte mûriha
The bell needs its tongue.
(In this proverb the word “bell” means “woman”, and “tongue” means “man.”
Wives must be had, be they good or bad.


Aliyetota, hajui kutota.
A man who has absolutely nothing, doesn’t know what poverty means.

Akili nyingi huondoa maarifa.
Too many ideas, drive wisdom away.

Majumba makubwa husitiri mambo.
Big houses conceal a lot.

Maneno makali hayavunji mfupa
Strong words do not break bones.

Mapenzi ni kikohozi, hayawezi kufichika.
Love is like a cough, it cannot be concealed.

Mchumia juani,hula kivulini
He who earns his living in the sun, eats in the shade.

Mshale kwenda msituni haukupotea.
If an arrow goes into a forest, it does not mean that it is lost (it is after all somewhere!).

Papo kwa papo kamba hukata jiwe.
Constant rubbing of a rope will cut a stone.