The Finger 5

I was actually browsing our favourite pop archive YouTube when I came across this: [“The Japanse Jacksons“] A Japanese band from the 1970s (1967-1978) called Finger 5. Makes me think I should cover more Japanese content on this blog. Now … Read more →

sanaa, again…

Fellow blogger Ed Cross dropped me an e-mail, informing me about his page on contemporary African art “African Works“. Well… came in between, but otherwise: I’d love to open an open, multi-authored blog dedicated to art works from East Africa. … Read more →

an enrichment

I was pleasantly surprised today when I stumbled across Zacharia Mbutha‘s paintings on the second floor of? the GTZ HQ? building in Eschborn (here’s why, in German): Zacharia is a painter from Kenya, and while I am bit confused on … Read more →