Die Kunst im Juli

Wieder war es ein Tweet in der Timeline, ein Bild von Max Beckmann vom Frankfurter Hauptbahnhof, das mich aufhorchen ließ. Über ein Bild aus einer früheren Schaffensperiode („Eisgang”) gibt es im Blog des Frankfurter Städelmuseums einen lesenswerten Beitrag zur Provenienz … Read more →

The Finger 5

I was actually browsing our favourite pop archive YouTube when I came across this: [“The Japanse Jacksons“] A Japanese band from the 1970s (1967-1978) called Finger 5. Makes me think I should cover more Japanese content on this blog. Now … Read more →

sanaa, again…

Fellow blogger Ed Cross dropped me an e-mail, informing me about his page on contemporary African art “African Works“. Well…saniblog.org came in between, but otherwise: I’d love to open an open, multi-authored blog dedicated to art works from East Africa. … Read more →

an enrichment

I was pleasantly surprised today when I stumbled across Zacharia Mbutha‘s paintings on the second floor of? the GTZ HQ? building in Eschborn (here’s why, in German): Zacharia is a painter from Kenya, and while I am bit confused on … Read more →