I really have to stop blogging about phones…

I know the fol­lowing is a rather unor­tho­dox com­pa­ri­son bet­ween a busi­ness and an enter­tain­ment device, BUT! — as much I con­demn App­le’s busi­ness poli­ci­es, wal­led gar­dens and hard­ware restric­tions — I am more pro­duc­ti­ve with a 1G iPod Touch from 2007 than with my new Nokia E72 from late 2009.

Having said that, this blog post could stop here. I still feel an urge to exp­lain my switch to this archenemy though, so pls allow the fol­lowing introduction:

I recent­ly bought a bro­ken 1G iPod Touch from eBay, fixed it, put in a new bat­te­ry, instal­led the latest firm­ware (no jail­b­reak so far, btw) and star­ted using it. And.…oh, what a joy it is!

Brow­sing, e‑mailing, sear­ching for gad­gets via the eBay app, using drop­box to share files bet­ween my com­pu­ters, che­cking my bank account, using an UnP play­er to access files on my NAS, a nice Face­book app, various Twit­ter cli­ents, inte­res­ting ham radio apps with deco­ding capa­bi­li­ties, games games games, a water level, VNC access.….and an app store with access to 140k+ apps.

And all of this from a three year old mul­ti­me­dia play­er that comes with a fixed bat­te­ry, no real mul­ti­tas­king capa­bi­li­ties, no came­ra and a pro­prie­ta­ry dock con­nec­tor. So how come I am rejoi­cing on this device like a small child?

Becau­se it deli­vers. And becau­se it’s dead simp­le to use. The user inter­face is so intui­ti­ve, ever­ything just works, I actual­ly don’t have to *think* while using this device. And yet it’s just a mul­ti­me­dia play­er. Ama­zing.

The Nokia E72? Well, it is a gre­at pho­ne — it real­ly is a gre­at pho­ne — but it sure lacks this com­fort I’ve now expe­ri­en­ced with the iPod.

I am also using a last.fm cli­ent on my E72, I can also use it to access the Twon­ky Ser­ver on my NAS, the­re also is a new Face­book app for the E71 & E72, the­re also is a real­ly, real­ly gre­at Twit­ter cli­ent for the E72 which I still like best btw (Gra­vi­ty is just per­fect), and it also comes with an E‑mail cli­ent tha­t’s easy to set up. And I am very sure that it will take some time until I find ano­t­her pho­ne with a came­ra tha­t’s bet­ter than my old Nokia N95 which is idling in the dra­wers here.

Howe­ver, the Firm­ware on the E72 keeps on cra­shing, the brow­ser is very cum­ber­so­me (I am not a gre­at fan of the Sym­bia S60 brow­ser) and the E‑mail cli­ent isn’t as comfy as the one on iPho­ne OS 3.1.3. And I don’t even want to repeat mys­elf on Noki­a’s lame app store.

In short: I used to hate touch screen pho­nes, I now like them.


I bought this iPod Touch as an intro­duc­tion to the OS, becau­se it was very cheap and becau­se I will give it to someo­ne spe­cial soon. I also bought a used 2G iPho­ne — with a bro­ken screen, which is yet to arri­ve see update here and here. Spa­re parts like dis­play unit & new bat­te­ry are alrea­dy here. Which means that I’ll be using the E72 and a 2G iPho­ne over the next few weeks to see which pho­ne per­forms bet­ter. As I said, an unor­tho­dox com­pa­ri­son becau­se the iPho­ne cer­tain­ly won’t be as fast as the E72. Both devices will have to com­pe­te for the space in my pocket though.

For all of you out the­re who have been using iPod Touch and iPho­nes in the past: yes, you were right, I was wrong. The user expe­ri­ence real­ly is the important part. Ever­ything else like remova­ble bat­te­ries, a bet­ter came­ra, built qua­li­ty — who cares about tho­se details? Geeks like me may­be. And you can clear­ly see whe­re this stu­pi­di­ty ends up.

12 years of using Nokia pho­nes. Got my first mobi­le con­tract in 1998 on a D2 (now: Voda­fone) line. 5110, 7110, 8210, 6210, 6310, 6310i, 6230, 6230i, N95 E71, E72. Like M said, we were Nokia 4 life.

Howe­ver, when it comes to the hard­ware insi­de the pho­ne, I am very much pro Nokia. Why? Becau­se a Nokia pho­ne can be dis­as­sem­bled and reas­sem­bled wit­hin 4 minu­tes. Try that with an Apple device… which of cour­se weren’t built for being ope­ned by end users. From an engi­nee­ring point of view, dis­as­semb­ling Apple devices is real­ly inte­res­ting. Ah well, Bwa­na Kikuyu­mo­ja is slow­ly star­ting to under­stand the way the coo­kie crum­bles in the Apple Universe…

So why a 2G and not a 3GS? Because
a) too expensive
b) I have a working pho­ne — the E72 also has a com­pass, GPS and so on
c) I am wai­t­ing for a chan­ce to get my hands on the Nexus One
d) I am expec­ting other — inte­res­ting — pho­nes with Android in 2010 & 2011 and will save on those.

[UPDATE:] Updated the Nokia E72 to its latest firm­ware but still pre­fer using the iPho­ne 2G. The pho­ne just does the job for me. Ama­zing. Ok, I’d pre­fer using a 3G with bet­ter con­nec­tion speeds and GPS, but I’d have to sell my pho­ne collec­tion in order to afford a bet­ter phone.

Rea­so­ning from abo­ve is still valid: Nokia = gre­at hard­ware but lou­sy soft­ware. You know I am not alo­ne with this assump­ti­on. Actual­ly, what I’d love to have is Nokia / SonyE­rics­son hard­ware, cou­pled with the openess of Android and the Apple iPho­ne OS user inter­face. That would be great…