I don’t know what kind of CRM software they are using over at Nokia HQs, probably none, because otherwise my e-mail address wouldn’t be registered with their (Malaysia) website. Now, I’ve been to Malaysia once, as a child in … Read more →

Dear diary…

As someone who works from his home office, I depend on a working IT infrastructure. Being a freelancer also means there’s no IT department you can call in case there’s something wrong. And boy, something IS wrong. I recently “upgraded” … Read more →

Dein Tag für Afrika

Heute mittag trudelte der IKEA Newsletter ein, bei dem ich auf folgende Aktion stoß: Aktion Tagwerk. Nette Website, interessanter Wikipediaartikel dazu. Für Bildungsprojekte bin ich immer zu haben, auf meinem Webspace läuft auch das The Nest Home Blog, ein Kinderheim … Read more →