Kikuyumoja (formerly Kikuyumoja’s Realm) is my weblog and covers just about everything that doesn’t fit into my sketchbook.

Ati? Sketchbook?

Ndiyo, my sketchbook is some sort of diary/journal/log which contains things I’ve come across so far and that somehow fit between two sheets of paper. The idea behind all this is to eventually give all those small things a place – a place where they all mix to one big picture, to my picture of how I see everything.

People like me collect stuff, we hardly throw away things and before everything ends up in a drawer or in a box somewhere in the basement, I’d rather put it in my sketchbook and add some additional art to it. Of course, those works have been greatly inspired by people like Dan or Peter, who – as I see it – took existing material and changed it in order to become their own. The following picture by Peter Beard comes quite close to the idea I am trying to explain here:


The idea of a man lying within a mouth of a crocodile and writing in his sketchbook is crazy enough. And now Mr. Beard took (t)his picture and added his own frame to it.

So, for me, the inspiration behind this was to tell my own stories and add my very own frame to it.

Ok, coming back to this blog – English isn’t my mothertongue. I am German, hence many entries here will be written in a healthy mixture of all those language fragments that rumble around in my head.

Kikuyumoja® is my nickname since I’ve been online for the first time way back in 1996. Too me, Kikuyumoja is just a name – my name. I’m not a Kiuk, nor the first Kiuk or whatsoever, just me. I don’t support tribalism and I guess in today’s world of mixed up ethnic groups it doesn’t make sense to stick to one specific tribe. What I DO like though is having a closer look at different cultures and their customs.

Professionally, I am a trained water & sanitation engineer from Leuphana University with a specific interest in ecological sanitation and knowledge management. You’ll also find me over at AfriGadget“a website dedicated to showcasing African ingenuity” as well as on saniblog.org where I sometimes cover water & sanitation related news. I am part of the team that organizes the monthly Webmontag Frankfurt event, and also contribute content on HalloFrankfurt#FFM365, and Frankfurt Gestalten.

As of November 24th 2015, I am also a licenced radio ham with the German call sign DO2JKE. It took me twenty years to eventually turn my interest in radio stuff into an amateur radio licence, and this really makes me happy.





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