Kikuyu­mo­ja (form­er­ly Kikuyu­mo­ja’s Realm) is my web­log and covers just about ever­ything that does­n’t fit into my sketchbook.

Ati? Sketch­book?

Ndi­yo, my sketch­book is some sort of diary/journal/log which con­tains things I’ve come across so far and that somehow fit bet­ween two she­ets of paper. The idea behind all this is to even­tual­ly give all tho­se small things a place — a place whe­re they all mix to one big pic­tu­re, to my pic­tu­re of how I see everything.

Peop­le like me collect stuff, we hard­ly throw away things and befo­re ever­ything ends up in a dra­wer or in a box some­whe­re in the base­ment, I’d rather put it in my sketch­book and add some addi­tio­nal art to it. Of cour­se, tho­se works have been great­ly inspi­red by peop­le like Dan or Peter, who — as I see it — took exis­ting mate­ri­al and chan­ged it in order to beco­me their own. The fol­lowing pic­tu­re by Peter Beard comes qui­te clo­se to the idea I am try­ing to exp­lain here:


The idea of a man lying wit­hin a mouth of a cro­co­di­le and wri­ting in his sketch­book is cra­zy enough. And now Mr. Beard took (t)his pic­tu­re and added his own frame to it.

So, for me, the inspi­ra­ti­on behind this was to tell my own sto­ries and add my very own frame to it.

Ok, com­ing back to this blog — Eng­lish isn’t my mother­tongue. I am Ger­man, hence many ent­ries here will be writ­ten in a healt­hy mix­tu­re of all tho­se lan­guage frag­ments that rum­ble around in my head.

Kikuyu­mo­ja® is my nick­na­me sin­ce I’ve been online for the first time way back in 1996. Too me, Kikuyu­mo­ja is just a name — my name. I’m not a Kiuk, nor the first Kiuk or whatsoever, just me. I don’t sup­port tri­ba­lism and I guess in today­’s world of mixed up eth­nic groups it does­n’t make sen­se to stick to one spe­ci­fic tri­be. What I DO like though is having a clo­ser look at dif­fe­rent cul­tures and their customs.

Pro­fes­sio­nal­ly, I am a trai­ned water & sani­ta­ti­on engi­neer from Leu­pha­na Uni­ver­si­ty with a spe­ci­fic inte­rest in eco­lo­gi­cal sani­ta­ti­on and know­ledge manage­ment. You’ll also find me over at Afri­Gad­get“a web­site dedi­ca­ted to show­ca­sing Afri­can inge­nui­ty” as well as on saniblog.org whe­re I some­ti­mes cover water & sani­ta­ti­on rela­ted news. I am part of the team that orga­ni­zes the mon­th­ly Web­mon­tag Frank­furt event, and also con­tri­bu­te con­tent on HalloFrank­furt#FFM365, and Frank­furt Gestal­ten.

As of Novem­ber 24th 2015, I am also a licen­ced radio ham with the Ger­man call sign DO2JKE. It took me twen­ty years to even­tual­ly turn my inte­rest in radio stuff into an ama­teur radio licence, and this real­ly makes me happy.





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