“…the suda­re is the thing han­ded down from their ances­tor.” (src) Found this nice quo­te on a web­site run by an arti­san who crafts and repairs Suda­re — Japa­ne­se screens. The same artist goes on exp­lai­ning that: “…the suda­re is basi­cal­ly … Read more →

Daifuku Mochi

What you see here is my more or less suc­cess­ful attempt at making Dai­­fu­­ku-Mochi — “a Japa­ne­se con­fec­tion con­sis­ting of a small round mochi (glu­tin­ous rice cake) stuf­fed with sweet fil­ling, most com­mon­ly anko, swee­te­ned red bean pas­te made from … Read more →