Bhoom Bhoom Africa

Long time rea­ders of this blog may know that I have always been won­de­ring why we’­ve seen bands like “Mata­ta” (with the then awe­so­me Stee­le Beauttah) com­ing to suc­cess in East Afri­ca during the 1970s — clo­se­ly fol­lo­wed by a … Read more →


Hola a todo el mun­do — “A move­ment bet­ween the­se two” Found by chan­ce via this won­der­ful (& new) music blog. “When I see I am not­hing, that is wis­dom. When I see I am ever­ything, that is love. My life … Read more →

Manheru Changamire

Music is my life, even though I dis­li­ke live con­certs for various rea­sons (~ too many ppl, music out of tune, etc.).  Just a few years ago, I con­ver­ted my ent­i­re collec­tion of audio CDs into mp3 and kept them … Read more →