En attendant Android

I’ve been mea­ning to post this on my blog, even pre­pa­red a post in Ger­man, but then rea­li­zed that 50% of the post is a rant on Nokia and deci­ded to rewrite/repost it in English.

So, the fol­lowing is a list of iPho­ne Apps which are run­ning on my iPho­ne 2G (reas­sem­bled from scrap), and which should also be avail­ab­le on Android 2.x (and which may alrea­dy be avail­ab­le). Thought about docu­men­ting this pri­va­te list off­line, but then: why should­n’t I share it with you?

  • Twit­ter (ex Tweetie, very nice Twit­ter client)
  • Read It Later
  • Shop­Shop (shop­ping list)
  • Alarm :-)
  • Around­Me (shops wit­hin the area, loca­ti­on based)
  • Bar­cooo (Bar­code­rea­der)
  • DB Navi­ga­tor (Deut­sche Bahn timetable)
  • DHL (cal­cu­la­tor for pos­tal char­ges & par­cel tracking via DHL)
  • Drop­box (sync files bet­ween devices)
  • eBay (fol­low auc­tions from the phone)
  • Ever­no­te (sync notes bet­ween devices)
  • HootSui­te (ano­t­her Twit­ter client)
  • Insta­pa­per (simi­lar to ReadItLater)
  • iPost­bank (online ban­king, search for nea­rest atm)
  • Last.FM (strea­ming music client)
  • Mein­Pro­spekt / Kauf­DA (adver­ti­sing brochu­res as PDF, real­ly cool)
  • VNC (vir­tu­al net­work computing)
  • Mor­se-it (awe­so­me mor­se code trai­ner and my initi­al rea­son why I swit­ched to the iPho­ne in the first place)
  • Open­Maps (Open­Street­Map client)
  • Ope­ra­Mi­ni (alter­na­ti­ve browser)
  • Payback (…)
  • Plug­Play­er (or any other NAS player)
  • Qype Radar
  • Sip­ga­te (Sip­ga­te (VoIP) client)
  • Sky­pe
  • SPB TV (live TV streams)
  • Stan­za (eBook Reader)
  • Team­View­er (remo­te log­in tool)

The­re are about 140 apps cur­r­ent­ly instal­led on my iPho­ne 2G — some real­ly good ones, other just very average — but the ones from the list abo­ve are the ones I use on a regu­lar basis.

IMG 0328
JKE’s home screen on the iPho­ne in May 2010

I also don’t do games (except for Labyrinth2, BiA or NSFU) becau­se most of the time when I am bored and pull out the pho­ne, I rather use Twit­ter, Face­book or Rea­dIt­La­ter to check out news.

So why Android?

I think my next pho­ne will be an HTC device, run­ning an instance of the Android OS. I also like the iPho­ne and will keep it for the moment until the func­tio­n­a­li­ty of all apps men­tio­ned abo­ve is also avail­ab­le on Android. I’ve even accep­ted iTu­nes run­ning on my Win­dows machi­ne, which used to be a no-go for a very long time.

I am thin­king about an HTC device becau­se I miss the good came­ra from my Nokia N95 (& E72) on the iPho­ne. A flash would also be nice — and sin­ce Apple obvious­ly won’t deli­ver, it’ll be an HTC device next up.

Nokia? May­be when they’­ve retur­ned from the cur­rent cha­os.

Being a hard­ware guy, I think it’s inte­res­ting to see how I’ve swit­ched my pre­fe­ren­ces to some extent from good hard­ware (Nokia) to the avai­la­bi­li­ty of various soft­ware pro­ducts (Apple).

This (soft­ware > hard­ware) is so emi­nent in 2010, isn’t it?

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