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Dear Inter­net Diary,

I’ve bought an iPho­ne today.  A used 2G with a bro­ken screen.

It was (real­ly) cheap, a spon­ta­ne­ous deal and I bought it becau­se I want to enjoy some apps like this one — which will most pro­bab­ly never be avail­ab­le for Sym­bi­an S60 3rd. Heck, it was even che­a­per than a used iPod Touch (which are also still very expen­si­ve). Ima­gi­ne a 2y+ old 2G iPho­ne still sells for the same amount (on eBay Ger­ma­ny) you could also cough up for a brand-new Nokia busi­ness phone.

So why this video? Becau­se it’s cool and it repres­ents to some extent what I’ve thought about the iPhone(s) & other “smart­pho­nes” in the past.

The apps, howe­ver, the mis­sing apps.… the mis­sing apps real­ly did it for me. 

My Nokia E72 is a gre­at pho­ne and I will con­ti­nue using it as a pho­ne, but — and tha­t’s the important part — it will not be the device that I’ll pull out for some enter­tain­ment. Mind you, though, the same could be said about my N95, which obvious­ly comes from the eNter­tain­ment ran­ge of pho­nes. Howe­ver, I would­n’t want to com­pa­re the iPho­nes with any Nokia pho­ne, but the way apps are made avail­ab­le to consumers.

Sure, the­re are now free Ovi Maps with free navi­ga­ti­on and a few other apps I’ve men­tio­ned ear­lier, but tha­t’s may­be 5–10 good apps for my E72 vs. a pletho­ra of apps on App­le’s Apps­to­re. And it’s not that the­re are no other Sym­bi­an apps — the­re are qui­te a few inte­res­ting ones out the­re — but you most pro­bab­ly won’t find them on Ovi, Noki­a’s all-in-one web­site (“the door”) which also inclu­des Ovi Store.

Now, Noki­a’s “Apps­to­re” Ovi Store is not­hing but a lame joke.  And this in Febru­a­ry 2010. They could do SO much bet­ter and start sel­ling all their R&D beta apps, mar­ket them accord­in­gly and show wha­t’s real­ly insi­de their devices (think of all the sen­sors). Ovi Store is also avail­ab­le online, via a brow­ser — which I think is a very good approach (does that also exist for App­le’s Apps­to­re, or will you have to visit their store using iTu­nes?). The Ovi Store app­li­ca­ti­on for Nokia pho­nes though is a fail­u­re. Ima­gi­ne what could be done if e.g. the deve­lo­per of (the Twit­ter cli­ent) Gra­vi­ty was to rede­sign this app…

You’d think that Nokia is whe­re Ger­man car manu­fac­tu­rers used to be some time ago — at least from a cus­to­mer’s point of view: a com­pa­ny run by engi­neers who are try­ing to deli­ver a per­fect­ly engi­nee­red pro­duct, but then get­ting stuck in bureau­cra­cy and end up sel­ling less than they could.

Nokia. Gre­at R&D, but such lame imple­menters. Gre­at hard­ware, lame soft­ware. Why?

I don’t know. What I know is that I’ve just inves­ted money into my first Apple pro­duct ever. Becau­se Nokia could­n’t deliver.

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