HP 840 G1 vs. Dell E7440 vs. Dell E5450

HP Elitebook 840 G1 vs Dell Latitude E7440 vs. Dell Latitude E5450

A visual comparison between three 14″ business laptops that may be of interest to some of you. My Dell Latitude E5450, my Dell Latitude E7440 and an HP Elitebook 840 G1. These are the sort of laptops that are about two to three years old and are sold as used items on eBay. I received the E5450 as a new item though, otherwise it would probably be in a worse shape as the body is not as strong as the one on the e7440.  Read more →

Particulate Matter Pollution

PM sensor

The PM sensor (hidden in a grey pipe) mounted next to my Diamond x30n VHF/UHF antenna. A bit ugly, but we are on the 4th floor, so it doesn’t really matter and the windows are closed all day long.

There may be worse places on earth when it comes to Particulate Matter (PM) Pollution, but I happen to live next to a busy road with daily traffic jams and, as a consequence of that, have a dusty room that I need to clean almost every day. I also read about expats in countries like China or India who are complaining about the air quality in those places and who meticulously invest in good air filters for each room in their appartments. Good air filters are expensive! Hence, clean air seems to be be a commodity that also comes with a commercial value among other attributes. We take it for granted but complain when it isn’t available. And another issue with clean air is that you often don’t see the pollution – only the results. Polluted air reminds me of radioactivity or unhygienic surfaces: you don’t see it, hence can’t estimate the potential danger. That’s why a sensor to measure the Particulate Matter Pollution yourself is an approach to this open question. Read more →

Aiwa TPR-930

When was the last time you’ve switched on a radio? In your car, maybe. And at home? In the kitchen? In your garage? And when was the last time you’ve listened to music from a tape?
Most (publicly funded) radio stations in Germany suck, as they often only play dumb music (“Formatradio“) – so if you’re into music and live in Germany, you’ll probably prefer golden silence or music from an mp3 source.

Picked this from the trash last week.

Picked this from the trash last week.

If you’re a fan of radios though, have a knack for fixing stuff and don’t mind the space vintage equipment takes up in your tiny city apartment, then you probably can’t let go when you come across a neglected radio full of chicken shit and which has a need for some TLC.

And here’s why: Read more →

Kalonji und der Luxus

Bevor es dieses Twitterdings gab, habe ich hier längere Blogbeiträge veröffentlicht. Mein Blogging-Mojo ist dann immer mehr in Richtung Twitter und Instagram abgewandert – für mehr Infoaufnahme fehlt den meisten Lesern dann oft die Zeit, oder auch: “Ich lese keine Blogposts”, sagte mir jemand letztens auf meine Verwunderung hin, wieso ein hier beschriebener Produkttest nicht bekannt sei. Hätte er den gelesen, gäbe es ein Problem weniger.

Kalonji, das neue Familienmitglied.

Kalonji, das neue Familienmitglied.

Ich schreibe aber gerne. Und manchmal muss es dann doch raus, vor allem wenn man sich im Leben weiterentwickelt und mit 40 Dinge macht, die andere wahrscheinlich schon mit 20 abhaken. Die Anderen aber, die haben jetzt Kinder und konsumieren wahrscheinlich höchstens den Content, der in der WhatsApp-Gruppe der Krabbelkindergruppe / Sportgruppe herumgeschickt wird. Kinder sind ja doch ein Fulltime-Job, der gut auslastet und weniger Raum für eigene Inhalte bietet. Ich habe da vollstes Verständnis. Eigene Kinder gibt es vielleicht auch mal, jetzt gibt es aber erstmal einen Hund – und das dazu passende Fahrzeug.

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Dell Latitude E6220

Dell Latitude E6220

My Dell Latitude E6220 with a unique branding.

My backup laptop during the last two years has been an 11,6″ Acer notebook in a netbook size. “Backup”, as in “a second computer that works when machine no.1 doesn’t and else works as a logbook for amateur (ham) radio and other experiments”. Armed with an 1,5 GHz Intel Pentium 987 CPU, 8 GB of RAM and an SSD, it scored okayish on Geekbench and also has a very portable power supply (which in my mind is one of the most important aspects of mobile computing). The Acer, however, lacks VT-x, which prevented Virtualbox from running properly. And the irony is that I also have an identical Acer Chromebook C710 with a partly broken screen that I had bought for spare parts and managed to restore – which has a Celeron 847 CPU and thus an enabled VT-x. Read more →