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“The most beautiful women on earth, the beauty that no amount of money can buy, the most powerful hair in Africa, the most wanted hair styles now in Africa, our business is to make ladies look beautiful. If you want to look beautiful, come to us now. The magic in weaving styles for beautiful women.”

I just had to buy this poster on River Road today. That is, where else do you get African beauty for 60 bob? :-)

Author: jke

Hi, I am an engineer who freelances in water & sanitation-related IT projects at Saniblog.org. You'll also find me on Twitter @jke and Instagram.

5 thoughts on “pick one”

  1. LOL ROFL…U are too funny:-) but I wish it was that cheap here in DC..That style costs a whooping $80.00 i.approx.KSH 5,500.
    However I agree on one phrase”The most beautiful women on earth” = Black women. *wink*

  2. Haiya you actually bought that poster…LOL, .P/S I’m curious what are you planning to do with the poster? :-)

  3. I could give it to your mum together with those KIKUYU PROVERB STICKERS I am desperately trying to get my hands on but one smart Kiuk from Boston or so recently bought all stocks from City Market and sent them to the US….

    Anyways, these posters are nice. Maybe I should buy more and sell them on Ebay?

  4. The kikuyu proverb stickers would be perfect actually included in that package we spoke of. I bet that mutumia is selling them at 100% profit. Well, maybe find the source and order directly from there.There has to be someone who makes those in river Roli :-)

  5. Hi,
    very interesting post! & hilarious too
    Did you know that for the ‘trendy’ lines?
    1. Prices depend on the thickness/thinness of the lines
    2. Older women prefer lines tightly woven together and no spaces in between (hides the grey hair)
    – just a few tips from my local salonists

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