sanaa, again…

Fellow blogger Ed Cross dropped me an e-mail, informing me about his page on contemporary African art “African Works“.

Well… came in between, but otherwise: I’d love to open an open, multi-authored blog dedicated to art works from East Africa. What I’ve seen online so far are just single artists being promoted by someone or themselves, and often it’s just limited to one specific artist and his/her well-selling works. With a blog as the contemporary publishing platform / tool, up-coming artists and those who are already well established could at least present their work in a much better way. All you’d have to do then is to register as an author and upload some of your works.

Currently, at my site, it just lacks another empty mySQL database, a lonely weekend aka 2-3h of creativity and a suitable domain name which could suit everyone involved. are already taken by someone, but I think a Kiswahili domain name would still be very attractive. Any ideas?

(I really really have to change my webhoster one day soon…have been with 1&1 since 1998 and all they given me are high montly costs but also good 99,99% reliability. The package is limited to 3 mySQL dbs only though, and even their domain costs for the .net/.org range are wayyyy above the competition. Yani – moving sites = time & pain = costs).

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