I have recently upgraded my main computer from an HP EliteBook 6930p to a Dell Latitude E6430. After 7 years of using HP business laptops, the transition to the Dell range is a welcome change. Here’s why: 1. LED screen Both machines are 14.1″ laptops with a slightly higher screen resolution than the usual (and … Continue reading “s/HP/Dell”

Which IT setup would you buy if money wasn’t an issue?

In the age of tablet computers and the fact that I do spend about 80% of my computing needs on a stationary computer setup, it may sound a bit ironic that I am still wasting time on wondering about “the ideal mobile computer setup”. Whereas “ideal” stands for affordable and somehow powerful machines that do … Continue reading “Which IT setup would you buy if money wasn’t an issue?”

the tablet alternative

Intro I have about 20 GB of water & sanitation (watsan)-related publications on my computer. Most of them are in PDFormat, and most of them I’ve just opened once and then archived out-of-sight. With some I’ve also only read the abstract (if available) because relevance is important and I feel there are a lot of … Continue reading “the tablet alternative”

my vision of a perfect laptop

Recent news about an updated range of HP EliteBook (laptop / notebook) computers made me realize that I should compile a list of things I’d like to see on future laptops. My list, or should I say: wishful thinking (but not utopia), does not include things that I don’t want to see on a laptop, … Continue reading “my vision of a perfect laptop”

Webcam a.D.

A flash-based web-solution to test your webcam. Mutter: “Was heißt A-Deeh?” Sohn: “Adeeh (ade) is Schwääbisch und heischt Uff Wiederseen” Vater & Sohn lachen. – Familie Heinz Becker The Candidate There are quite a few things I dislike about my laptop, but mainly financial reasons and the lack of a much better alternative (suggestions welcome!) … Continue reading “Webcam a.D.”