my vision of a perfect laptop

Recent news about an updated range of HP EliteBook (laptop / notebook) computers made me realize that I should compile a list of things I’d like to see on future laptops. My list, or should I say: wishful thinking (but not utopia), does not include things that I don’t want to see on a laptop, … Continue reading “my vision of a perfect laptop”

Webcam a.D.

A flash-based web-solution to test your webcam. Mutter: “Was heißt A-Deeh?” Sohn: “Adeeh (ade) is Schwääbisch und heischt Uff Wiederseen” Vater & Sohn lachen. – Familie Heinz Becker The Candidate There are quite a few things I dislike about my laptop, but mainly financial reasons and the lack of a much better alternative (suggestions welcome!) … Continue reading “Webcam a.D.”

glowing keyboard stickers

The problem The keyboard and the screen are THE two important user interfaces between humans and their computers. Whenever I buy new hardware, I try to include these two parameters in my list of important criteria – especially since both my active machines do not come with a backlit keyboard (which is really sad). So … Continue reading “glowing keyboard stickers”

What I don’t like about Apple MacBooks…

Interestingly, you’ll find quite a few “10 reasons why I dislike my MacBook Pro” posts on the internet, but you won’t find blog posts titled “10 things that I hate about my HP Elitebook xyz” . While that’s pretty amusing, it’s about time to add my own reasoning. Also, I need to find out why … Continue reading “What I don’t like about Apple MacBooks…”

HP Extended Life Battery AJ359AA

It’s strange to see how my blog has turned into a tech-blog, where I am often documenting my love for gadgets. After almost 5 years of blogging, I think it’s safe to assume that I am geek who loves to bring his gadgets to perfection* – only to quickly realize that there no such thing … Continue reading “HP Extended Life Battery AJ359AA”

3x 3G modems

I recently bought a new notebook (HP 6930p) and made sure it also comes with extra antennas (next to the WLAN antennas on top of the display) so that I could install a Wireless Wide Area Network (WWAN, pictured below) adapter which I had to buy separately. HP un2400 wwan adapter on the HP 6930p … Continue reading “3x 3G modems”

using a netbook as your daily computer

My new HP 6930p laptop unfortunately has an issue with the display latch (which is a “known issue” with this series) and also is very picky when it comes to accepting the docking station, which is why I called HP customer service last week and made use of the 3yr warranty it came with. Let’s … Continue reading “using a netbook as your daily computer”