Dear diary…

As someo­ne who works from his home office, I depend on a working IT infra­st­ruc­tu­re. Being a free­lan­cer also means the­re’s no IT depart­ment you can call in case the­re’s some­thing wrong. And boy, some­thing IS wrong.

I recent­ly “upgraded” to Win­dows 7 on my main machi­ne, becau­se my new com­pu­ter came ship­ped with a Win7 Pro DVD, and becau­se I like the look and feel of Win­dows (2K, actual­ly). More than any other cur­rent Linux dis­tri­bu­ti­on and/or OSX. I am also the kind of guy who swit­ches off Aero and Com­piz and has a plain wall­pa­per on the desk­top. Old school.

What I don’t like is when a com­pu­ter tri­es to be smart and take con­trol away from me.

With this atti­tu­de, I am actual­ly pre­desti­ned for a GNU/­Li­nux-based ope­ra­ti­ong sys­tem, becau­se it is said to give a lot of con­trol back to the user.

The pro­blems I have with Linux are not only the cryp­tic dri­ver instal­la­ti­on pro­ces­ses (even though things got a bit bet­ter) or its lou­sy power manage­ment on mobi­le devices, but also that I, as a user, actual­ly don’t know wha­t’s REALLY going on in the back­ground, and also how to find out how to get a bet­ter over­view on it.

“Sure”, you may reply, “go and RTFM. Go and stu­dy an ope­ra­ting sys­tem and its pos­si­bi­li­ties befo­re you rant”. Yeah, well…

And Windows7? It equal­ly sucks. WinXP used to be a bit more sta­ble (no Blue­s­creen of Death like in Win7), some things are a bit smar­ter with Win7, others just very irri­ta­ting. I cur­r­ent­ly do not have the fee­ling I am in con­trol of my com­pu­ter, I don’t feel the ope­ra­ting sys­tem is using the full poten­ti­al of the instal­led hard­ware, some­thing just seems to be very wrong.

I hate that. I want to be in con­trol, or else just use it without having to worry that anything bad may hap­pen in the background.

I will need to trust my com­pu­ter. When will this be possible?

I’d be wil­ling to invest 100 € on a DVD with a free & “secu­re” ope­ra­ting sys­tem tha­t’s ful­ly adjus­ted to my HP Eli­te­Book 6930p lap­top (plain desk­top, superb power manage­ment with opti­mal bat­te­ry run­ti­me, full sup­port for all com­pon­ents, idi­ot-pro­of dri­ver instal­la­ti­on, full list of acti­ve pro­ces­ses acces­si­ble from the taskbar (“top”) and so on).

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