my HP 6930p review

It’s about time for another hardware review as it reflects what’s on my mind these days. I know that a lot of people just go for anything they are recommended, but if your income depends on the performance and reliability of your computer at home (= home office), you’ll maybe pay extra attention to this … Continue reading “my HP 6930p review”

HP 840 G1 vs. Dell E7440 vs. Dell E5450

A visual comparison between three 14″ business laptops that may be of interest to some of you. My Dell Latitude E5450, my Dell Latitude E7440 and an HP Elitebook 840 G1. These are the sort of laptops that are about two to three years old and are sold as used items on eBay. I received … Continue reading “HP 840 G1 vs. Dell E7440 vs. Dell E5450”


I have recently upgraded my main computer from an HP EliteBook 6930p to a Dell Latitude E6430. After 7 years of using HP business laptops, the transition to the Dell range is a welcome change. Here’s why: 1. LED screen Both machines are 14.1″ laptops with a slightly higher screen resolution than the usual (and … Continue reading “s/HP/Dell”

Which IT setup would you buy if money wasn’t an issue?

In the age of tablet computers and the fact that I do spend about 80% of my computing needs on a stationary computer setup, it may sound a bit ironic that I am still wasting time on wondering about “the ideal mobile computer setup”. Whereas “ideal” stands for affordable and somehow powerful machines that do … Continue reading “Which IT setup would you buy if money wasn’t an issue?”

the tablet alternative

Intro I have about 20 GB of water & sanitation (watsan)-related publications on my computer. Most of them are in PDFormat, and most of them I’ve just opened once and then archived out-of-sight. With some I’ve also only read the abstract (if available) because relevance is important and I feel there are a lot of … Continue reading “the tablet alternative”