3 thoughts on “We’ll need a universal service to sync all our metadata”

  1. Good stuff!!
    I din’t know anything about “groovylists”. That’s a perfect solution to export my huge amount of playlists in spotify! My contribution: yes-fm, which is a site very similar to lastfm.
    BTW, didn’t you get into a mess with loads of wires???

  2. Thx for your comment, kurrukata. I think Groovylist is only from last.fm/spotify/itunes TO other sites. We need something independent, a neutral service somewhere that helps maintaining individual pools of metadata so that users have the choice. Even though I understand that this extra data is a marketing instrument to keep the customer/user attached to a service.

    I’ve checked Yes.fm! Thank you. It is Spanish only, right?

    About that amplifier: I didn’t have to remove any cables, only cleaned it and exchanged all tubes with new ones which I got from eBay.

  3. kenyan internet needs to improve for this to take off too..at the moment, wow to the mwananchi, who still needs to access application websites. You see safaricom is still a raw deal here guys reason being that, when internet has jumped a notch higher in demand for applications, take a look at the top kenyan marriage site, http://www.lovepot.com , people love it, but still who can afford computers and modems and airtime MBs.Tell those guys to simplify their site..oops..sorry guys. To Safaricom, god forbid, they should invent something new…that will reach all kenyans. Am writing this from the bush where i can heardly access 3g, and so heavy apps like nation newspapers dont load..hope soon they will do something smarter…they should hire me,,i have am idea.

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