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Long time rea­ders of this blog may know that I have always been won­de­ring why we’­ve seen bands like “Mata­ta” (with the then awe­so­me Stee­le Beauttah) com­ing to suc­cess in East Afri­ca during the 1970s — clo­se­ly fol­lo­wed by a vacu­um in the 1980s and ear­ly 90s that was only domi­na­ted by a) Con­go­le­se Sou­k­ous (Fran­co & Co), b) local Gos­pel, c) local tri­bal music and d) inter­na­tio­nal Pop music (Micha­el Jack­son & Co.).

At first, I tried to exp­lain this see­min­gly sud­den disap­pearan­ce with the poli­ti­cal situation(s) back then, but I guess it’s just an inter­na­tio­nal thing as the music also chan­ged in many other parts of the world.

Any­how, it is against this back­ground that I am always fil­led with gre­at joy when I stumb­le upon real­ly cool modern music vide­os (yes, vide­os — the visu­al age of You­Tube, our beloved pop archi­ve) — crea­ted in Afri­ca, showing the world that Nai­ro­bi, Lagos or Luan­da aren’t that much dif­fe­rent from the rest of the world.

Hea­vy Metal band Ree-burth from Sowe­to South Africa

(see also this post on

shot in the area of Sam­bi­zan­ga in Luan­da, Ango­la with MC Sacer­do­te and his artist crew

Break­dance Pro­ject Uganda
(too tight!)

Anto & Para­ga­sha — QWERTY LOVE (filmed in Nbo)

The Very Best — Yoshua Ali­ku­ti (also filmed in Nbo)

(which is a play on the clip for Lil Way­ne’s “A Mil­li”)

Ma Bhoom Bhoom Bhoom
One of tho­se vids from the BLNRB project

Liz Ogum­bo “Maro pa more”
(filmed in Ole­po­los / Cor­ner Bari­di and in Nbo)

Mutho­ni “Miko­no Kwe­nye Hewa”
(yup, a bit older, but repos­ted here becau­se when her album went live on many mon­th ago, I instant­ly bought it.)

…and then the­re’s (still) this:

Mata­sia Star “Life History”
(Ndom­bo­lo cru­el­ty mix for tho­se who still live in the 1990s)

(ati, the pro­du­cer is some guy from Ujerumani? ;-)

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