Baloji | Kinshasa Succursale

If it wasn’t for Twitter, Delicious and Facebook – where I am usually storing and sharing my bookmarks these days -I’d probably cough up a blog post.

For the moment, however, I’ll just post this lovely tune, name the sources (1 & 2) and also remind you of Kongotronic Vol.1, which I had blogged here almost 4 (!) years ago.

Baloji. Good artist, good music. New album out on January 27th 2010.

l’Orchestre Symphonique Kimbanguiste

(Le compositeur DIANGIENDA WABASOLELE Armand) “DWA, en autodidacte, étudie le solfège jusqu’? maîtriser la composition en musique classique. Il a hissé l’Orchestre au niveau d’une grande formation dont la renommée dépasse largement les frontières d’Afrique. De plus en plus il établit les ponts entre son orchestre et d’autres orchestres du genre ? l’étranger.” (source)

Pretty amazing!

Or as one member of the orchestra says in this short clip: “When I am sick and I listen to the music, it gives me strength.”