the cable thingy for Nokia’s (E72) WH-601 headset

While searching for a little present for her, I came across this simple cable retractor – which inspired me to build my own. As with most other headsets by Nokia, the WH-601 that came shipped with my E72 is a little bit stubborn as the cables seem to contain too much rubber. And while this … Continue reading “the cable thingy for Nokia’s (E72) WH-601 headset”

Waiting for the E72…

I am waiting for the Nokia E72 (phone) since it was first mentioned about a year ago (!) and then officially announced in June (July?) this year. It’s a successor to the very popular Nokia E71 which I had reviewed back then and features a nifty 5mpx cmos camera and a keyboard similar to the … Continue reading “Waiting for the E72…”

Dell Latitude E5450 vs. Dell Latitude E5470

I recently upgraded my office laptop from a Dell Latitude E5450 to a Dell Latitude E5470 – two laptops which appear to be very similar from the outside and don’t differ so much. There are quite a few minor things though that made me go for the upgrade. And please be reminded that I always … Continue reading “Dell Latitude E5450 vs. Dell Latitude E5470”

Wieso ich meine gebrauchten Dell Latitude Notebooks mag

Wer in 2019 ein gutes Notebook* für zu Hause, für die Kinder oder als privates Zweitgerät sucht, schaut sicherlich bei den großen Händlern online und bekommt dann interessante, moderne Geräte mit relativ langer Akkulaufzeit, einfachem Prozessor, schönem IPS-Display und ein paar Anschlüssen angeboten. Meistens starten die Angebote für solche neuen Notebooks bei 400 EUR, und … Continue reading “Wieso ich meine gebrauchten Dell Latitude Notebooks mag”