Creakia E72

A comment on CJs latest review of the Nokia E72 reminded me of something I had also observed on my phone: “a tiny creak in the lower bar below the spacebar”. A noise that irritates the user and shouldn’t be on a brand new phone.


Since I had already opened it up the other day, I knew where the noise came from and consequently fixed it by adding a piece cut from double-sided adhesive pads as seen in the following pictures.

(behind the keypad – too much play even though there’s a silicone gasket already in place…)



It’s simple, it’s cheap, it wins!

Author: jke

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6 thoughts on “Creakia E72”

  1. Nice job, well figured out. But I guess it normally takes some guts to open up a brand new phone… ;-)
    Couldn’t you just have claimed a repair or replacement under warranty?

  2. Hi, can you explain how to detach “lower bar below the spacebar”. Should I open whole phone or this lower bar can be detached separately?

  3. Yes, you’ll have to open the complete cover. The top cover is one piece. Just remove the battery cover, remove the two visibe screws (Torx 5 or 6) and carefully pry it open, starting from the top. You’d best be using an opening tool, but a guitar plectrum will also do the job.

  4. Thank you for the answer, I think that opening phone won’t do the job for me, I will try to fix it without opening phone because my problem isn’t in black part in lower bar; problem is in silver border – there is a little space between silver border and top cover (only on right part of phone) which produce creaking. I’ll try to stick the silver part with glue. But… I have to be very precise because this space is very small. Do you have some advice about ‘my way’? Sorry if I bothering you but I’m a little nervous about opening phone (bought phone 3 weeks ago, lot of money …). Thanks in advance.

  5. Well you could still drop it in at a Nokia Service Center so you’ll keep warranty on it. Might be the best option.

    An alternative would be to remove the two screws as mentioned above and slightly bend the top cover in the right direction, but then again, it shouldn’t happen on a new phone.

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