alles Sondermüll

Eine sehr gute Dokumentation von Kathrin Latsch namens “Die grüne Revolution” über Braungart/McDonough, den Stoffkreislauf für technologische und biologische Nährstoffe und mit jeder Menge guter Praxisbeispiele – die vom NDR leider auf den unmöglichsten Sendeplatz überhaupt gesetzt wurde: in der Nacht vom Montag auf Dienstag, 15.-16.12, morgens um 3:40 Uhr. Michael Braungart wies uns letztens … Continue reading “alles Sondermüll”

NUTEC – cradle 2 cradle fair

I’ve just come home from attending “Nutec” today – an international congress and exhibition on “Nutec: Nutrients – Upcycling – Triple-Top-Line-Eco-effectiveness-Community” that took place right here in Frankfurt am Main, Germany during the last three days. Nutec is all about nutrients that will remain in a biological or technical loop, or as the tagline on … Continue reading “NUTEC – cradle 2 cradle fair”

49 minutes

…on why waste = food. “The goal is very simple and technical. And the goal is a very delightfully, safe, healthy and just world with clean air, soil, water and power, economically, equitably, ecologically and elegantly enjoyed.” Enjoy! :-) (disclaimer: a) just found this while searching for the Silent Spring link on my previous post, … Continue reading “49 minutes”

World Environment Day @ work

So today is World Environment Day and I had actually planed not to cover this special day as I am dealing with environmental issues almost every day and would actually have to blog on it every day then. Just similar to what World Water Day means to me (not much as a *special occasion* from … Continue reading “World Environment Day @ work”

serikali ya Ujerumani + CO2 emissions

The German weekly magazine Der Spiegel today published an interesting list (compiled by Deutsche Umwelthilfe e.V.) of cars driven on behalf of German Federal Ministers – indicating the consumption [in l / 100km] and the carbon dioxide emissions (original PDF, 0,2 MB). The list isn’t complete as some Ministries refused to provide information on this … Continue reading “serikali ya Ujerumani + CO2 emissions”