49 minutes

…on why was­te = food.

“The goal is very simp­le and tech­ni­cal. And the goal is a very delight­ful­ly, safe, healt­hy and just world with clean air, soil, water and power, eco­no­mi­c­al­ly, equi­ta­b­ly, eco­lo­gi­cal­ly and ele­gant­ly enjoyed.”

Enjoy! :-)

(dis­c­lai­mer: a) just found this while sear­ching for the Silent Spring link on my pre­vious post, b) Braun­gart is (was) my pro­fes­sor @ var­si­ty, c) I’ve alrea­dy men­tio­ned their phi­lo­so­phy aka the Crad­le-to-Crad­le approach a few times here on my blog sin­ce 2005. I real­ly belie­ve in the C2C idea and took up my work wit­hin eco­san becau­se it’s one doable way to clo­se the loop. Oh, and thx 4 this documentary!)