serikali ya Ujerumani + CO2 emissions

The Ger­man wee­kly maga­zi­ne Der Spie­gel today publis­hed an inte­res­ting list (com­pi­led by Deut­sche Umwelt­hil­fe e.V.) of cars dri­ven on behalf of Ger­man Federal Minis­ters — indi­ca­ting the con­sump­ti­on [in l / 100km] and the car­bon dioxi­de emis­si­ons (ori­gi­nal PDF, 0,2 MB).
The list isn’t com­ple­te as some Minis­tries refu­sed to pro­vi­de infor­ma­ti­on on this (due to “secu­ri­ty” rea­sons), but nevertheless — it shows that the­re’s still a lot of chan­ge nee­ded to shift the issue of saving the envi­ron­ment from a pure dis­cus­sion level to an action level.

On the other hand though, the best solu­ti­on would be a no-emis­si­on-car or one who­se emis­si­ons aren’t harm­ful to the envi­ron­ment (~ in a McDo­nough/­Braun­gart/C2C-way). Well, dream on…

(+ com­pa­re this with the cars dri­ven by GoK officials.…*sigh*)

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