Anyone knows this car?


As soon as I figure out which car it is, I’ll add it to my list.

That’s one hot Kikulicious garimoja there. Damn. I want this car.

I guess it’s all due to the fact that we had this car in the 1970s.? Nissan Skyline.
Ha! Makes me think of the KJT I’ve seen the other day…muahaha.

Author: jke

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6 thoughts on “Anyone knows this car?”

  1. I guess this means that you watched No country for old men.

    What a tight movie.

    Did you find yourself rooting for Anton to just smoke the guy already>. That cow-killer guy of his was just double-bad.

  2. I’ve seen it in some Snoop video’s. maybe research some top rapper classic rides and you’ll get the correct answer

  3. beautiful gari that! wow, looks modded though, at least the front end, making an ID even that much harder.

  4. @Ntwiga: eh! Even had problems understanding the Texan accent.

    @Banks: thx, will pay attention to those.

    @31337: modded? hmm…could be.

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