Who needs electricity btw if there’s someone like Theo Jansen?


It is so amazing!

Now where are these guys like Mubarak Muhammad Abdullahi or William Kamkwamba to take over? Oh, and check out this Phun version on YouTube.

Next: a wind-powered commuter train supplying Nairobi’s CDB with Githurai?
No, seriously, someone needs to turn these mechanisms into an Afrigadget asap!

Author: jke

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4 thoughts on “Strandbiester”

  1. Incredible. From the TED video I still didn’t fully get how these Beests actually work.. but it’s quite the sight.

  2. Just click on the “amazing” link and you’ll get a Java demo.

    I am really tempted to copy this “leg mechanism” asap and see if we can build our own.

  3. I saw theo jansen and his strandbiester as well- (was it on 3sat?).
    Incredible pieces of engineering, I agree.
    Did you see the newer models which walk with compressed air collected via circling wings?
    DUDE-he seriously IS the next da Vinci; engineering-wise.

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