KJT Datsun

While working on the Suzu­ki, I came across this KJT (~ 1976?) Dat­sun sta­ti­on wagon which was com­ple­te­ly worn out.


The owner of the car told me that it had been invol­ved in an acci­dent and was par­ked under a tree at a local poli­ce sta­ti­on for some time. He wants to invest the sum of 20.000 Kshs to have it repai­red and then intends to sell it for 120.000 Kshs. The bench was cove­r­ed with exte­rior spa­re parts…

“Yes, the motor, no pro­blem — when I put a bat­te­ry here, it just takes one kick and it can start.” — “Ate­re­re.…”


“Come back on Tues­day”, the owner told me, “…and you’ll see this car like new.”

Yeah, sure.… (==> KENYA belie­ve it??! :-)

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