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"Maplecroft maps is a highly visual web-based resource which contains detailed country information for over 200 states and maps key social, economic, environmental and political issues and their significance to business and society.

The interactive map enables users to view an issue individually or in combination with other issues in order to illustrate the relationship between two or more associated topics.

This innovative tool is designed to raise awareness amongst corporations, government and non governmental organisations, academics and students of how an organisation’s operations interact with wider society, and how the risks and opportunities generated can be responsibly managed through stakeholder engagement and partnership.

For each specific issue, the map features:

    In-depth analysis – emphasising its impacts and significance to business and society in general, as well as providing a framework for action;

    Country shading – illustrating the pervasiveness and risk ranking of the issue being mapped;

    Traffic light system – applied to indicate whether the indicators relevant to the issue have increased, decreased or remained the same as in previous years;

    Hotspots – specific areas are identified that are currently severely affected by the issue;

    Case studies – positive and negative examples of how companies have managed the challenges that they have faced, in particular with respect to the interface between business and civil society.

The interactive map tool itself will be regularly updated with new features to make it easier and more enjoyable to use. New issues will be added to the tool at regular intervals, as well as enhancements and updates to existing issues, adding depth by incorporating new research, data, case studies and policy developments as they become available."

This is SUCH a great tool – in fact, I’ve been planing to do something like this (a web-based GIS overlay map) for the internet but these Maplecroft maps already contain all I ever needed. Great!!

[hat tip Black Looks!]

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