Beyond the Blue Band Generation

I wonder if this has ever been shared on the Kenyan blogosphere so far? I actually don’t like posting videos / not my own stuff, but the following is an interesting video that caught my attention while browsing Vimeo for quality content ex EAK.

Beyond the Nakumatt Generation

“Addressing the concerns of the poorest households and facilitating the inclusion of smallholders in modern distribution chains should be a priority in all East African countries.”
(“Beyond the Nakumatt Generation: Distribution Services in East Africa“, World Bank Policy Note No. 26, Oct 2011)

Talking about videos from Kenya, here is another – totally unrelated – one about a revolting teenager:

Do It Yourself, The Art Of Being Punk

Oh, and the art of browsing Vimeo & Co. for original Kenyan content is to exclude those vids produced by religious Wazungu Churches with their “Coming to Africa and doing good”-approaches that either show some slum dwellers or other poor groups in rural areas. It’s also the reason why I like this last video: even though it shows a household and protected childhood that probably only a small percentage of Kenyans have enjoyed, it’s the other side of Kenya that I have in mind when I talk about Kenya.

(“Blue Band Generation” is a play on the 1990s Kenya)

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