If I could, I would….

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If I could, I would develop and patent machines / systems that:

  • split everything into atoms/elements so that the upcycling of “waste” is a bit easier
  • reduces the water content in fruits and vegetables to a low percentage of <1% to keep transport cost ultra low (considering that most transport costs = weight + space; and that we’re often only transporting water from A to B). And find a way of putting it back into these fruits and vegetables.
  • measures all energies used on a product (natural or man-made) and uses this approach for a replication process (~ the replicator we know from Star Trek).

Seriously, mankind made it to the moon and enabled nuclear fission, why shouldn’t these approaches be possible one day?

What would you do?

*Trostbrücke 4, home of EPEA :-) 

Author: jke

Hi, I am an engineer who freelances in water & sanitation-related IT projects at Saniblog.org. You'll also find me on Twitter @jke and Instagram.

2 thoughts on “If I could, I would….”

  1. wanted to comment on your E72 issue of yesteryear.

    Can’t but agree. So much promise so much failure from Nokia. If only I could tolerate the iPhone / Android touch screens and miserable battery life. Never got into evernote, but wished for something like Endnote (which I ran on PalmOS and XP) for my bibliographic stuff cross bred with Google Notepad (now gone).

    I have a mistrust of cloud applications and look to stuff which runs on my hardware and only backed up on the cloud.

    keep up the good writing


  2. Terv, thx for the feedback! Yes, old post are comment-locked (due to spam).

    I am curious to see how Nokia will keep up in future. Also, Symbian was/is the only OS with battery life in mind. That’s so strange as I remember recharging my N95 on a daily basis.

    I am currently using an E71 and an iPhone 4. The E71 for calls, the iPhone 4 for data. Works fine!

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