If I could, I would….

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If I could, I would develop and patent machines / systems that:

  • split everything into atoms/elements so that the upcycling of “waste” is a bit easier
  • reduces the water content in fruits and vegetables to a low percentage of <1% to keep transport cost ultra low (considering that most transport costs = weight + space; and that we’re often only transporting water from A to B). And find a way of putting it back into these fruits and vegetables.
  • measures all energies used on a product (natural or man-made) and uses this approach for a replication process (~ the replicator we know from Star Trek).

Seriously, mankind made it to the moon and enabled nuclear fission, why shouldn’t these approaches be possible one day?

What would you do?

*Trostbrücke 4, home of EPEA :-)