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acaciaMost peop­le will pro­bab­ly be too busy with their dai­ly lives to reflect on the things they valued and explo­red in their youth, or may­be only buy a book that will tell them about the things they lik­ed and that hap­pen­ed when they were young. You know, com­mon values, child­hood memo­ries like what was shown on tv, aired on the radio or stuff you could buy back in tho­se days. Or couldn’t.

I some­ti­mes won­der about the­se things and how today­’s youth feels about this inter­con­nec­ted world.

Free pop archi­ves like You­Tube that will deli­ver instant mul­ti­me­dia plea­su­res at the press of a few but­tons, with an extre­me­ly wide choice for ever­yo­ne. Free music online ins­tead of end­less evenings spent in front of a radio/record player/tv/vcr, try­ing to record beloved tunes.

The avai­la­bi­li­ty of a com­ple­te tv seri­es on DVD. Just click your mou­se in iTu­nes and instant­ly load it onto your iPod/multimedia player.

Broad­band inter­net con­nec­tions that will instant­ly deli­ver free mul­ti­me­dia con­tent to your play­er. Lis­ten and for­get. “Best of”-selections at the end of the year, gene­ra­ted via sites like I know of someo­ne who crea­tes a tape/CD each year of his 10 most favou­rite songs. He’s my age, I am 34. Would an 18yr old still do that?

My ques­ti­on is: if our lives are the sum of our expe­ri­en­ces, emo­ti­ons, edu­ca­ti­on, fail­u­res and suc­cess, how does this sum influ­ence our world today, and how does it dif­fer with a youth that does not have to strugg­le that hard for new information?

The world we crea­te for them today — how will they like it, and whe­re will they put their empha­sis on (given that they won’t have to was­te so much time on e.g. an exten­si­ve music collection)?

Will we even noti­ce the change?

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