The owls are not what they seem.

“I love Twin Peaks and it’s world.” (David Lynch )

I remem­ber way back in 1991, my sis­ter had this sud­den affec­tion for Twin Peaks — the more or less famous mys­te­ry seri­al dra­ma by David Lynch/Mark Frost.

The Log Lady

While gro­wing up in Nai­ro­bi, living more or less under a rock when it came to video enter­tain­ment (which, by that time, con­sis­ted of a) ren­ting vide­os from the various video libra­ries in Nai­ro­bi as well as b) asking visi­tors from abroad to record MTV’s Alter­na­ti­ve Nati­on for my spe­cial music needs), I never real­ly got into this Twin Peaks thin­gy back in 1991 & 1992 during a holi­day trip to Germany.

Years later on I wat­ched with gre­at plea­su­res his other works such as Mul­hol­land Dri­ve or Blue Vel­vet . Litt­le did I know by that time that I would one day enga­ge to a woman who is some sort of a REAL fan of David Lyn­ch’s work.

[edit: video removed!]

My fian­cée LOVES Twin Peaks, has all of it on DVDs and VHS, heck she even has this spe­cial Dale Coo­per dia­ry on tape. Need­less to men­ti­on she initi­al­ly fell for me becau­se I appar­ent­ly remin­ded her of (the main cha­rac­ter) FBI Spe­cial Agent Dale Coo­per (14yrs ago, maybe).

So, after about 20 years of its crea­ti­on, I even­tual­ly spoi­led my Twin Peaks vir­gini­ty and star­ted my video trip into the world of Twin Peaks and its cha­rac­ters about a week ago. And alt­hough I’ve so far only enjoy­ed 22 of the avail­ab­le 29 epi­so­des (+ the pre­quel film cal­led “Twin Peaks — Fire Walk With Me” ), I can alrea­dy tell you that Twin Peaks real­ly is some of the finest mystery/drama sto­ries on film.

In 2007 Twin Peaks was lis­ted as one of Time maga­zi­ne’s “100 Best TV Shows of All-TIME.” (src)

Sure, we’­re in 2010 now and the­re may be other — also popu­lar — mys­te­ry seri­es avail­ab­le on TV, and Twin Peaks may have star­ted this off back in the days, but as oppo­sed to Frin­ge, Lost or even the X‑Files, the­re’s alrea­dy sooooo much more to Twin Peaks a fan will love about it that imo will never hap­pen to most other series:

Damn good acting, cou­pled with a timeless beau­ty and some weird stuff only a freak like David Lynch can make up (and find a pro­du­cer who secu­res the fun­ding for it).

“The owls are not what they seem.” is a quo­te from Twin Peaks — and much like most other cha­rac­ters, sce­ne­ries and items men­tio­ned on Twin Peaks, ever­yo­ne and ever­ything has at least two dif­fe­rent sides. I like that becau­se the­re’s no sin­gle truth out the­re. Some­thing like that makes you think about it — and lets you com­pi­le a blog post on it 20 years after it was first men­tio­ned on TV.

The inter­net seems to be full of tri­bu­tes to Twin Peaks. The fol­lowing may be a bit dif­fe­rent. Enjoy!

I’ll Be The­re in Twin Peaks from Mas­hed in Plastic on Vimeo.

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