wapi? (part 17)


Not a real wapi? like on most other parts, but if you manage to guess this one you’re really good (I couldn’t).

The screenshot (!) above is from a very interesting collection online – The Humphrey Winterton Collection of East African Photographs: 1860 – 1960 (found via the Window to Mombasa blog, thx!).

(spoiler link)

Author: jke

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4 thoughts on “wapi? (part 17)”

  1. The State House! Wow! :-)

    When I see old photographs of Nairobi from the 1960’s, I keep thinking how comfortable it must have been to be able to drive through the streets by car, and being able to actually find a parking space. ;-)

  2. (yeah, I know, this picture is NOT nineteensixties (probably somewhere between 1910 and 1930), but we arrived in Kenya in 1976, and I can “imagine” Nairobi only the way it used to look like from post-WW2-photographs! ;-)

  3. I live in South C and there is nothing like that here. If this was Kenya, we should probably get these mzungus back in a hurry.

    My guess is somewhere in Naivasha or Nakuru.

  4. I would have said Muthaiga golf club …it looks like a scene from “white mischief” lol

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