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Stan­dards vs. ergonomy

The main ent­ran­ce door to the Deut­sche Post branch office at Frank­furt rail­way station.


The­re’s a fire safe­ty regu­la­ti­on in Ger­man law which says that such doors have to open to the out­side so that in case of emer­gen­cy, the panic crowd may escape without any obstacles.

Des­pi­te of this regu­la­ti­on and alt­hough most doors in shops and offices are desi­gned to this stan­dard, many cus­to­mers stil PUSH the door to the insi­de until they rea­li­ze it opens by pul­ling the hand­le. The­re even is a sti­cker that says ZIEHEN (= pull).

Always reminds me of Gary Lar­son’s “School for the Gifted”.

Our future is in Africa


An elec­tion pos­ter for the upco­m­ing elec­tions in the Federal Sta­te of Hes­sen. Ins­tead of the usu­al mugshots of fugly poli­ti­ci­ans, the­se guys came up with the image of a trac­tor, OPEL logo, the Trans­ra­pid, a nuclear power plant and some messages that are sup­po­sed to attract floa­ting voters.

While I think that Euro­pe and Afri­ca should team up and sup­port each other, the “Bür­ger­rechts­be­we­gung Soli­da­ri­tät” (BüSo) is in fact a very small right wing par­ty with qui­te extre­me ideo­lo­gies. Ger­ma­ny, Euro­pe, the world may inde­ed need to rethink what real­ly mat­ters — but voters should also inform them­sel­ves about the poli­ti­cal par­ties and under­stand the real mes­sa­ge behind such pro­pa­gan­da + how they are being lured into the world of extremists.

Their can­di­da­te talks about the “Afri­ca­ni­sa­ti­on” of Ger­ma­ny — e.g. how living stan­dards have dete­rio­ra­ted over the years, simi­lar to many Afri­can sta­tes (sic!) — and how the Ger­man eco­no­my nowa­days reli­es on pro­ducts from the outside.

While most par­ties actual­ly suck and have simi­lar con­cepts, it’s still much bet­ter to have a working demo­cra­cy ins­tead of fashists from the US who try to under­mi­ne Euro­pe. Somehow simi­lar to what Declan Gan­ley does in Ire­land, but on ano­t­her level.

paper world


Paris Hil­ton on the cover of “intel­li­gent life”, a life­style maga­zin by The Economist.

Are you bored enough to read or at least page through any life­style maga­zi­ne the­se days IF ins­tead the­re’s some­thing else cal­led internet?

And two more ques­ti­ons on the tra­di­tio­nal media (e.g. print):

a) How often do you, as a rea­der of this blog, read prin­ted life­style maga­zi­nes? And whe­re? Do you buy them?

b) From my per­spec­ti­ve as an inter­net geek (or “inter­net­ty”, as a col­league cal­led it one day): whe­re do you read, hear, see the gene­ral news? Do you read a (dai­ly) news­pa­per on a regu­lar basis and sup­ple­ment this with some extra maga­zi­nes? Or have you com­ple­te­ly moved your news-addic­tion to the onlinesphere?

Am asking becau­se I think that it’s espe­cial­ly the older genera­ti­on that still pre­fers print edi­ti­ons + have been won­de­ring on how this impacts on socie­ty in general.

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