Lentils, mung beans and fenugreek seeds…


…soaked in water for 3-4 days:


“In a secular world with a never-ending search for a deeper meaning, climate protection is the new ersatz religion.” – read this somewhere the other day and instantly thought: yeah, Kyoto would actually be a good name for a child.

No, seriously, this kind of natural food is great and a welcome change to spice up the rice or salad. So where’s the connection between climate protection & healthy food?


Grow Bags are somehow similar to keyhole gardens – let’s see how future generations will start turning urban areas into micro-allotment gardens. With a possible re-use of nutrients contained in waste streams, this could be a smart way of closing the loop on the burning food security issues and also improve our living conditions in urban areas.

As for the sprouted seeds mixture above – I mixed them with carrots, peas, chashew nuts, rice and some soy(a) sauce. Delicious! :-)

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