Knowledge Centres for sanitation and waste management

Just a short note on an inte­res­ting e‑mail I’ve recei­ved today on the eco­san­res Yahoo!Group on eco­lo­gi­cal sani­ta­ti­on: The (dut­ch NGO) WASTE “on behalf of the Pro­gram­me Board of the INTEGRATED SUPPORT FOR A SUSTAINABLE URBAN ENVIRONMENT (ISSUE) pro­gram­me” puts out an open ten­der for Know­ledge Cen­tres with tasks rela­ted to sani­ta­ti­on and was­te mangement.

This is an invi­ta­ti­on for a bid for the pro­vi­si­on and dis­tri­bu­ti­on of ‘know­ledge’ for the imple­men­ting part­ners of the ISSUE pro­gram­me for a peri­od ending on Decem­ber 31, 2010. …Inte­res­ted par­ties who have the pre-requi­si­te expe­ri­ence in run­ning and mana­ging Know­ledge Cen­tres are reques­ted to sub­mit tech­ni­cal and finan­cial pro­po­sals and any other sup­por­ting docu­men­ta­ti­on not later than 1 August 2008.

Why is this interesting?

  1. “Coun­tries spe­ci­fi­cal­ly asked to respond are: India, Viet­nam, Benin, Kenya or Tan­za­nia, Mala­wi or Zambia”
    Plea­se note the “or”. As in: “one regio­nal office will do.” Kenya vs Tan­za­nia. Obvious­ly, an oppor­tu­ni­ty for Ken­y­an experts.
  2. You may pro­bab­ly know that I am an admin at the Sus­tainab­le Sani­ta­ti­on Alli­an­ce (web­site, who­se link i will not repeat becau­se our web­site is cur­r­ent­ly being relaun­ched and still too shab­by to be shown around…*cough* *cough*) and we or at least I qui­te fre­quent­ly come across ppl who are wil­ling to do some­thing but are lacking the ade­qua­te fun­ding and/or don’t know how to app­ly for funds. Neit­her do I! Howe­ver, what I do know is that funds — as limi­ted as they are — will be made avail­ab­le once the­re are sui­ta­ble local part­ners. So, what is actual­ly requi­red (I think!) are much more local net­works that will help tho­se fun­ding agen­ci­es to approach a local mar­ket. And with “fun­ding agen­ci­es” I am not only tal­king about the usu­al suspects aka dev aid orgs who make a living out of “hel­ping” the poor. Ins­tead, think of busi­nes­ses from abroad, com­pa­nies from the US and Euro­pe who would like to invest into an Afri­can mar­ket and often don’t know whom to approach at first hand. Such a “know­ledge cent­re” for the repro­duc­tion and dis­se­mi­na­ti­on of know­ledge could be a per­fect incu­ba­tor (ok, now that is vc lin­gua alrea­dy) for healt­hy businesses.
  3. The assign­ments runs from 2008 till 2010, the end of the ISSUE
    pro­gram­me. The total bud­get (3 years) for each KEN will be approximately:
    Latin Ame­ri­ca (Cos­ta Rica):? ? 235000 Euro
    South East Asia (Viet­nam):? ? 170000 Euro
    South Asia (India):? 145000 Euro
    West Afri­ca (Benin):? 145000 Euro
    East Afri­ca (Kenya or Tan­za­nia):? 170000 Euro 
    Sou­thern Afri­ca (Zam­bia or Mala­wi? 140000 Euro

Guys, what I am tal­king about is this upco­m­ing mar­ket of sus­tainab­le toi­let faci­li­ties that will rock com­mu­nities across the glo­be in future. Just think of the Adopt-A-Light initia­ti­ve (and what the GoK did to them once they rea­li­zed the­re’s money to be made).
“Know­ledge Cen­tres”? — to me — are local net­works that pro­vi­de much more than just a nice bud­get for a two years peri­od. Hence this open ten­der is a first qua­li­fi­ca­ti­on pro­gram­me to see who will be able to pool other consultants/manufacturers in and who will pre­pa­re the mar­ket for the future.

In other words: THERE’S MONEY TO BE MADE FROM “WASTE”. Think about it next time you toss out stuff out of your car win­dow or go to toilet.

(dis­c­lai­mer: “sani­ta­ti­on as a busi­ness” is my favou­rite sub­ject .…pole :-)

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