searching for a new wp template

I am cur­r­ent­ly in the pro­cess of chan­ging my Wor­d­Press tem­pla­te, so if things do not look the way they are sup­po­sed to be — plea­se stay tun­ed for an update.

Alt­hough I am sure I will just spend 2–3 hours sear­ching for a modi­fya­bool tem­pla­te, only to rea­li­ze later on that it isn’t com­pa­ti­ble to (the big­gest night­ma­re) MSIE 6.x and/or give up after some time as none of them will be con­vin­cing enough.

I’d like to have a simp­le tem­pla­te with lots of white­space, some neat gim­micks and a clear struc­tu­re that will enab­le a com­pre­hen­si­ve navi­ga­ti­on and pro­vi­de some space for indi­vi­du­al ban­ners and my ever explo­ding link­list / blog­roll /eChakula thingy…another font would also be nice and some more pixel design. Also, it needs to load a bit fas­ter. Actual­ly, loading time is the big­gest issue. Hence the need for white­space & a clean structure.

EDIT: .…the iPho­ne! Mzeeced­ric just infor­med me about the maxi­mum width for an iPho­ne screen. Hellooohoo?!

An Wor­d­Press Vor­la­gen her­umf­ri­ckeln bis sie wenigs­tens halb­wegs gut aus­se­hen dau­ert wirk­lich unheim­lich lan­ge — vor allem wenn man es nur alle drei Jah­re macht und sich dann durch das Style­sheet kämp­fen muss — wel­ches selbst­ver­ständ­lich über­all unter­schied­lich auf­ge­baut ist.

EDIT2: OK! CASE DISMISSED! Due to this which con­vin­ced me. And given that the cur­rent Siri­us the­me does pro­vi­de all the­se requi­re­ments, why chan­ge? But I will sure con­ti­nue sear­ching for ano­t­her, bet­ter theme :-)

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