searching for a new wp template

I am currently in the process of changing my WordPress template, so if things do not look the way they are supposed to be – please stay tuned for an update.

Although I am sure I will just spend 2-3 hours searching for a modifyabool template, only to realize later on that it isn’t compatible to (the biggest nightmare) MSIE 6.x and/or give up after some time as none of them will be convincing enough.

I’d like to have a simple template with lots of whitespace, some neat gimmicks and a clear structure that will enable a comprehensive navigation and provide some space for individual banners and my ever exploding linklist / blogroll /eChakula thingy…another font would also be nice and some more pixel design. Also, it needs to load a bit faster. Actually, loading time is the biggest issue. Hence the need for whitespace & a clean structure.

EDIT: ….the iPhone! Mzeecedric just informed me about the maximum width for an iPhone screen. Hellooohoo?!

An WordPress Vorlagen herumfrickeln bis sie wenigstens halbwegs gut aussehen dauert wirklich unheimlich lange – vor allem wenn man es nur alle drei Jahre macht und sich dann durch das Stylesheet kämpfen muss – welches selbstverständlich überall unterschiedlich aufgebaut ist.

EDIT2: OK! CASE DISMISSED! Due to this which convinced me. And given that the current Sirius theme does provide all these requirements, why change? But I will sure continue searching for another, better theme :-)

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