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If the­se pic­tures are anything to go by — then I want one tho­se new Goog­le pho­nes based on Android.

Now! :-)

@D: what about the E61i? (someo­ne pls com­bi­ne a 5mpx cam with a qwerty(z) key­board & I’ll go for it…)

[you­tube zdo_wEwBqXo]
Noki­a’s new N96

Serious­ly, what I miss about the new ran­ge of Nokia & SE pho­nes is a decent key­board. Sure, you may also go for a touch­screen inter­face + key­board as on the iPho­ne, but I am not yet con­vin­ced of the­se tech­no­lo­gies (~ what about dust? tac­ti­le feed­back? + the down­si­des of the iPho­ne e.g. non-remova­ble bat­te­ry, iTu­nes, etc.).
Noki­a’s & SE’s new pho­nes are said to be made for the inter­net and/or pro­vi­de mul­ti­me­dia com­fort (DVB‑H recei­ver, short ran­ge FM-trans­mit­ter, audio & video play­back, video record­ing), but when it comes to actual­ly using them you’­re real­ly punis­hed with an old fashio­ned T9 key­pad. Ent­e­ring lon­ger text is a pain and makes only sen­se while using a fold­able key­board (video) (like Noki­a’s SU-8W).

Don’t get me wrong: for con­suming multimedia/inet con­tent, the­se pho­nes are just gre­at. But inter­ac­ting with others from pho­ne to pho­ne (except for direct blue­toot­hing or sms/mms) still requi­res ano­t­her approach, I’d say. Best examp­le: Fring! Fring is an awe­so­me mes­sen­ger ser­vice that now also offers direct file trans­fer. Now ima­gi­ne you’­re chat­ting with someo­ne over Sky­pe or ICQ and have to enter text by using a T9 key­board only…

Well, I keep com­ing back to my N95 albeit its hor­ri­ble design (sli­der, case, key­pad lay­out) becau­se it has a decent came­ra and enab­les me to record anything while on the go + even edi­t­ing it on the pho­ne. Now tha­t’s some­thing real­ly sweet con­si­de­red it’s just a phone.

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