Tusker Tools

…So I went on safari and bought this super small padlock for my luggage in a Turkish shop at the railway station in Frankfurt:


Tusker Tools?!


“He wants to cut but not possible due to heavy duty” :-)

A TUSKER logo is even engraved into the padlock itself, which makes this gadget somehow special to me (especially since I am the owner of tusker.DE and .INFO since some years now, and this guy who runs Tusker Werkzeuge Handels GmbH somehow never approached me over the domain so it’s nice to see some of their products for sale after all those visitors who have been on my tusker sites, looking for different stuff that sells under a Tusker brand name…).

Author: jke

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13 thoughts on “Tusker Tools”

  1. I thought I would comment, mainly because that was such an ambitious attempt at trying to get that Company to invest in something you invested in based on a different brand attribute. ;-)

    Your affinity with Tusker the drink definitely drove you to secure the domain name, however I doubt that the Tusker Group thought that far because evidently they already established http://kamazotools.com/home.htm (Kamazo Tools) and they also seem to own Tusker Tools (www.tuskertools.com) Interesting how a little research could yield some interesting feedback.

    So albeit they probably like the Tuskertools more because they are a global brand, especially because they have quite a few other locations in other countries, the .de doesnt seem to furaisha them as such (and also because they dont want walevis to confuse their Tusker.de site with Tusker – EABL he he he).

    Top level domain names are still king – its surprising even to me.

    Anyway I hope if you cash in we can shangilia all of us…

    Stay up!

  2. Hey Leo, thx for the link which was still new to me. Guess I never really invested more time in this business, mainly because back in 1999 – when I rented tusker.de – there was only the beer and a few visitors who came surfing in and dropping e-mails, asking about hunting gear, knives and other obscure stuff which apparently also sells under the Tusker brand. I rented the .info domain later on because of this.

    Also, it’s a bit strange to see tools with a “Tusker Germany” logo – although it’s clear that they were made in India.

  3. Perhaps we should have a Tusker Padlocks -v- Tusker Beer competition! I bet we can open one of their locks (without a key) in the time it would take them to down two bottle of our famous brew ama?

  4. Mentalacrobatics you are funny!!! he he he …

    Although true interesting that a company in Germany would have an actually TUSKER (elephant and all) logo as their brand..

    All interesting thanks for the memoir


  5. I know very well about Tusker Tools in germany. The owner is Mr. xxxxxxxxxx [deleted due to privacy reasons]. He is declared criminal in Germany. Originally he was running More & More GmbH company. After doing big bankruptacy he registered TUSKER HANDELS GmbH. Alongside he regsitered TUSKER HANDELS WERKZEUGR GmbH. After big tax problems he declared Tusker Handels GmbH bankrupt. Then he created new company named HI-TECH WERKZEUGE GmbH in Frankfurt.

    This man is importing low quality cheap price goods from China, Israel and India and using TUSKER LOGO of your company. Only worth to his company is Tusker Logo. He deems himself as the owner of Tusker Logo with elephant pciture.

  6. Very funny (truely poorly) what you write, I rent the old tusker werkzeuge warehouse and office (D-63477). You imagine that the owner don´t like tusker at all (one year rent not paid). Tusker and following companies just can offer low prices since they don´t pay so much other (legal, rent, tax, publication, tax administration and so one costs) duties.

    Tusker knows about world wide price differences and cheap selling channells (etnic shops mostly around main railway stations) but does not care much about legal (law and tax) things…

  7. Dear Mr. Tony Katz,
    May I know whose comments you said to be funny and poor. In fact, what I have written is 100% truth. Mr. xxxx is bullshit businesman who is always copying logo from other companies and using for his low quality garbage products. Even German Quality Control authorites had issued him legal notices many times. You have rightly written that he don´t pay so much other (legal, rent, tax, publication, tax administration and so on).
    May God save others from this fake owner of Tusker Logo Mr. xxxx.

    Hope for comments

  8. Dear Jimmy,
    I agree with you, please exchange my word funny with ugly and then see it, that not the posting is (funny) ugly, but what it writes about is to show ugly (not right) things.
    Unfortunatly we have again and again people who are not only betraying local tax and toll authorities but also suppliers. The problem is, that in the long term the control mechanismus will be harder and then the freedom of the people will be cut more and more…

  9. follow up:
    not only betraying authorities and suppliers also customers: how often had I wished I bought more expensice (but long lasting!) products, but so often products are of poor quality (almost within weeks or months almost rubbish).

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