Some years ago, epinion communities used to be _the_ ultimate social platform on the net. I don’t know how this developed in the USA, but in Europe I think it has stalled.

So, instead of people writing their particular product review on dedicated opinion communities where reviews are at the centre of all attention, today’s customers go to:

a) webshops that focus on one particular product range, e.g. ebags, amazon, etc.

b) blogs

c) youtube reviews (!)

IF consumers switch from putting their opinion on a certain product they have been using from a central website to their own media platform (blogs, youtube) – how do they benefit of it? Google AdSense?

If I write about a Nokia phone, a Creative mp3 player or Eastpak/Eagle Creek luggage like I’ve done in the past, produce a short video on the phone, the mp3 player and that wheeled luggage piece – how will these companies directly pay me for praising their products?

Author: jke

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