Sato in Mannheim?


How far is Mannheim from Frankfurt?

The Programm

21:30 Einlass/Entry

22:00 –23:30 Music-Mix-Entertainment/Food-Serving/Chilling/Dancers

23:30 Helen-T/Ebo Live Act 30 Minutes

0:00 National Anthem

0:05-1:00 Live Act K-Nel

1:00-1:30 Live Act Nonini

1:30-2:00 Nonini-Pause Helen T/Ebo Shakoor

2:00 –2:30 Live Act Nonini

2:30 till Dawn The Dj’s Take Over


(i’m getting too old for such parties – si till dawn… :-)

Author: jke

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4 thoughts on “Sato in Mannheim?”

  1. “Kutoka hapa mpaka pale ni distance” That is an actual line from Nonini (If i am not mistaken) :) Knowing that you like Ukoo Flani, please dont expect deep thoughts from Nonini, just enjoy the shallow lyrics and repetitions of his name. Noonini! X3 or 4.

    *its still a rare treat to have Kenyan rappers in the Diaspora…Have fun!
    (lest someone take my comments and start throwing barbs..i have a toy called Nonini!) ok tosha.

  2. I think NONINI’s Crew is called P UNIT and not T UNIT. so whoever designed that flyer or is organizing this event.. it wouldnt hurt to ask and get the real details about your performers.

    AND he aint EAST AFRICAs NUMBER ONE.. hell NO.

  3. Entertainment commercials are always hyped up. Every other movie that is released these days claims to be NY times # 1 ranked, or the best movie of the season or the year, etc. That “sell yourself” stuff really gets to me. As the wise men said: “Chema chajiuza, kibaya chajitembeza.” No such concept out here, I can tell you.

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