early adopters

So you have spend US$ 599 on an iPhone and now you are pissed that HRM Steve Jobs reduced the price to US$ 399?

Well, dear Apple fans, rest assured: Nokia did the same with us last week by introducing another N95 with 8GB fixed memory (instead of a microSD slot), a bigger display, a much better battery and a slightly improved keypad on the front (which I personally think is the best improvement on this machine). Now what’s worse: a price drop, or knowing that your machine isn’t just *that* great and that it has been improved?
As for the iPhone: seems like the 599$ price tag is reserved for the upcoming 3G version. Eh?

I wonder what kind of effect this new version will have on the firmware of the previous N95. NOKIA! Aah…could you please remove the useless multimedia menu and reasign the button to something else? Thx..

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