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So you have spend US$ 599 on an iPhone and now you are pissed that HRM Steve Jobs reduced the price to US$ 399?

Well, dear Apple fans, rest assured: Nokia did the same with us last week by introducing another N95 with 8GB fixed memory (instead of a microSD slot), a bigger display, a much better battery and a slightly improved keypad on the front (which I personally think is the best improvement on this machine). Now what’s worse: a price drop, or knowing that your machine isn’t just *that* great and that it has been improved?
As for the iPhone: seems like the 599$ price tag is reserved for the upcoming 3G version. Eh?

I wonder what kind of effect this new version will have on the firmware of the previous N95. NOKIA! Aah…could you please remove the useless multimedia menu and reasign the button to something else? Thx..

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3 thoughts on “early adopters”

  1. As HRM Jobs said: “There is always someone who bought a product before a particular cutoff date and misses the new price or the new operating system or the new whatever. This is life in the technology lane” Which is true, but 1 month after is a bit fast I’d say. I guess they gambled a bit seeing if they can pull if off for 600$.

  2. I was watching the news on TV on the day the iphone was released. Guys lining up infront of the shops like in “good old” GDR-times (for all those techno-kids who read this: That was pre-1989 in eastern Germany; they didn’t have mobiles at that time, but the wheel was already invented).

    The camera-team interviewed some of those geeks, who had travelled all the way from Europe to the USA, just to be among the first ones to lay their fingers on the new toy.

    But what I don’t undrstand is, why do people complain about the sudden price-cut now?
    You bought it at one time, for a price which you found acceptable. So you got your iphone. Now what are you wailing about? That someone else, who was a little bit more patient, or less keen on buying, or didn’t have as much money as you to waste, also has the same thing to show off with?

    Whenever you buy a notebook, a TV, an mp3-player, a digital camera, a cellphone or any other piece of high-tech, you KNOW that these things are constantly being develloped. Whatever you buy today, will either cost less tomorrow, or there will be the follow-up version available within a matter of weeks.

    You may stop crying, there is good news for you nerds: In another six months from now, your iphone is just a piece of trash anyway, and there’ll be a new modell fo you to buy. So exclusively expensive, that only you will be able and willing to pay for it (for a while).

  3. “So exclusively expensive, that only you will be able and willing to pay for it (for a while).” Which is when the moaning begins, over and over again.
    To me, the whole issue is about product-life-cycles and persuasive branding. Hedonist customers are seduced by inherited brand-images, geeks fall for technical performance. And still: Either group is profoundly pissed when they realize, that an improved version of THEIR gadet has been launched. These, I refer to them as, “opinion-leaders” don’t care about price. It’s all about the features, baby.
    And although outgoing hedonists and geeks may not have so much in common, this, finally, seems like a suitable cure for their anger management.

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