Just a side note: while reading Christian’s latest post on knowledge sharing within companies, I just came to realize that I had instinctively used the blogosphere for gathering useful informations on my new Nokia N95 telephone.

Interesting applications, utilities and widsets? User experiences, shortcuts on the menu or tips on how to optimize battery runtime? The international blogosphere +? multimedia platforms such as the popular poparchive? youtube or flickr deliver all you need – without even a single search through Google.

Hopping from one blogging “node” to the next, the need for simple googleing becomes almost obsolete, as others have already compiled interesting articles such as? a “TOP 10 must have N95 utilities” list.?
So instead of doing a Web 1.0 search through Google on keywords such as “Nokia N95 appz”, I instantly consulted for anything on “N95” and received a list of quality links that would give me quick results. Whereas I always needed to check out various Yahoo!Groups in the past for an interesting file here or there (those small java applets that run on Nokia’s S40 OS-platform)? or -? even worse – forums that only sometimes come with a? “sticky thread” where all interesting and important things? are gathered in? an FAQ-collection, the blogosphere? delivers much more useful info on a topic. Selected, tested, rated and – most importantly – communicated to others.

And here I am now, happily runing a few selected and tested (!) applications on? my new phone. This whole process of gathering informations on how to personalize my phone to my needs just took me a few hours of reading different blogs. Sweet :-)

Author: jke

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