direct access to multimedia content (N95)

I am yet to figure out how to actually improve the different services provided by my new Nokia N95, and since I am a? bit short in time these days, I try to limit my current N95 activities to small issues – discovering new stuff one by one.

What I eventually managed to run as a service is the streaming of video podcast. This service is just sweet as it enables me to download videocasts through a WLAN (@ home & @ work) or GPRS/UMTS (3G) directly from? the phone.

==> Whereas an iPod Video still requires some syncing with iTunes + the pysical connection to a host computer (dito the Zen Vision:M I had used for some time), the N95 directly accesses the net. This way, all you need is network coverage and some memory space on your phone (I just ordered a 2 GB microSD card).

My next task will be to figure out how to make screenshots from the phone…

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3 thoughts on “direct access to multimedia content (N95)”

  1. Streaming of video was also on my mind since i had read that WM 6 had it embedded and to preempt apple and their iPhone, they included Streaming Video, enabling the user to view You Tube videos and other video streaming content on PDA. Neat application, plus its fast too and requires low bandwidth, i will not attempt to stream over GPRS though **needs an unlimited data account** it shall cost a fortune at current Safaricom GPRS rates! I wonder if you can stream internet radio on the N95? I can stream it on my HTC Wizard over wifi **free if available** and over GPRS **it costs about 1 bob per minute!**

  2. Aegeus, welcome back! :-)
    Before I forget about it: did you see the “Virtual Earth Mobile” app? WM6 sounds interesting, I will have to check it out. Ati, I read on your blog that you’re also using an S60 SonyEricsson?
    Streaming – it SHOULD be possible, but I am still new to this phone and still trying out things. So thx for pointing me into that direction. So far I’ve managed to download a few podcasts as well as a video over-the-air.
    The phone has UMTS & even HSDPA, which just rock for downloading data. And rest assured, a MB of data via Safaricom is still cheaper than most data packages you can get in Europe.

    UPDATE: streaming is possible, just tested it, works fine. :-)))

  3. yangu ni sony ericsson w800i na ni noma lakini am unable to activate my GPRS.vipi waseeya si mnihelp

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