direct access to multimedia content (N95)

I am yet to figure out how to actually improve the different services provided by my new Nokia N95, and since I am a? bit short in time these days, I try to limit my current N95 activities to small issues – discovering new stuff one by one.

What I eventually managed to run as a service is the streaming of video podcast. This service is just sweet as it enables me to download videocasts through a WLAN (@ home & @ work) or GPRS/UMTS (3G) directly from? the phone.

==> Whereas an iPod Video still requires some syncing with iTunes + the pysical connection to a host computer (dito the Zen Vision:M I had used for some time), the N95 directly accesses the net. This way, all you need is network coverage and some memory space on your phone (I just ordered a 2 GB microSD card).

My next task will be to figure out how to make screenshots from the phone…

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