all the way…

…from Cana­da via Kenya to Germany:


A very nice let­ter with 4 DVDs by a fel­low blog­ger from KBW.

The sto­ry goes that I once blog­ged about some soft­ware instal­la­ti­on issu­es in Embu, and our fel­low blog­ger offe­red some help. Sin­ce he was about to send some xmas par­cels home, he also mana­ged to inclu­de this let­ter for me. YEAH!
Yaaa­ni, life had other plans with me, so I was for­ced to return home ear­lier, and my mates @ Embu for­wa­red the let­ter to me.

Wha­t’s insi­de? Hehehe.…nice geek­s­tuff + lots of ngo­ma :-)

Then­giu muno!

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