Owiyo live @ Club Afrique

Suzzana Owíyo live @ Club Afrique

Are there any bloggers & readers out there who are going to attend this event?

[via Barbara, thx!]

Btw – is there any other Kenyan blog out there (despite of artmatters.info) that covers the art scene in Nbo? A blog that could be aggregated on KBW or Mashada?

Author: jke

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2 thoughts on “Owiyo live @ Club Afrique”

  1. WWWAAAAA….I though Suzzana had landed in the UK as there is a Club Afrique in London. I would have been there in a shot.

    I hope you enjoy the event and bring photos.

    As for a blogger covering Nbo art scene….good luck with that one for now.

  2. Hello,
    Yes we do cover Kenyan art, when we get the writers. I have only now stumbled on your blog. Ours is not really a traditional blog, more like a magazine with many, many writers (although our core is more like 20 or so. We will soon be publishing a video interview with some of Nairobi’s top musicians as well as one with one of Nairobi’s top model houses.

    Great to see another German loving it with Kenyans, one of our senior editors is German too.

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